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Full Moon in Scorpio May 23, 2024

The full Moon occurs on May 23, at 8 degrees of Anuradha, in the intense and deep waters of Scorpio, where it is debilitated.


The sensitive Moon is uncomfortable in this obsessive and dark sign.

It is overwhelmed by emotional ups and downs, jealousy, and fear, yet this is a very profound placement once such things are mastered, and gives way to psychological depth/growth, occult knowledge, and intuition or even clairvoyance. Scorpio is the most transformative sign at the spiritual-psychological level.


Full Moon’s shine light on darkness, they give us answers and illumination. Profound inner awareness and truth may arise during at this time. We may feel restless and unable to sleep during the nights leading up to the full Moon, this is normal, especially if we have a lot going on in our mind. Calming the mind and not overstimulating it is key.


The ruler of Scorpio, Mars, is within 3 degrees of Rahu and getting ready to conjunct the last total solar eclipse degree on May 25 and 26, triggering it! This is extreme and intense energy, that will likely produce a big explosion/attack, or some sort of disaster on water (shipwrecks, major floodings, more intense weather), this could deal with underwater attacks, explosions, think underwater tunnels.


Opposite the Moon, we have the triple conjunction of the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus in Taurus.

Both Jupiter and Venus are combust and weakened. They are at 5 degrees and thus in planetary war, creating rivalry. Jupiter and Venus are gods and leaders of different clans and tribes. However, both rule finance and economy along with the sign of Taurus. The ego dominates when planets are combust, so be careful of this, as relationships can suffer due to it.

All three planets are in Kritika, which deals with sharp tools and weapons, and are near Algol the flickering demon star of death and “seeing red” (rage).

Kritika has a lot to do with truth, and with cutting away negativity and ignorance within us.


We may compare Kritika to the process of forming diamonds, which is under extremely high temperatures and pressure. This is what the flames of Agni do to us; they put us through the fire of purification and cleansing, which is painful. This is what the world is experiencing now. The Pleiades are found here, which consist of 7 stars, associated with the 7 weeping sisters, you can find various interesting mythological stories about them, and even deeper occult meanings to them per Theosophy for example.


Anuradha is the friendship star. Individuals with this star are normally kind and gentle souls, but underneath lies jealousy and a judgmental nature at times, this can be unconscious too. It’s common to trust the wrong people under this star and to believe that someone is a friend when they are an enemy. Watch out for this energy during this full Moon. Betrayal is a common theme with Anuradha. Beware of holding grudges, misjudging others, and excess worry.   



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