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Full Moon in Sagittarius July 13, at 27 degrees Uttara Ashadha

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This empowering wisdom filled full Moon occurs on Guru Purnima, a very special celebration in India for honoring gurus, teachers, and mentors, and basically the light of truth within all of us and honoring our own inner guru. This is a great time to reconnect with our inner light by minimizing outer distractions. Meditation, mantra, yoga, and connecting to nature are beautiful ways to connect to divine intelligence.

The deities associated here are the Vishvedevas, the 33 universal victorious energies or gods (Prajapati, Brhaspati, the eight Vasus, eleven Rudras, and the twelve Aditiyas).

They are protectors, guides, and especially keepers of divine light/truth and justice.

Greater consciousness is the theme of this full moon, so be open to truth and allow it to transform you and awaken your soul.

Ganesha is also associated here, especially the tusk of his elephant head, signifying victory over enemies, obstacles, and victory over man’s internal “demons”. Ganesha clears ignorance and clears the way from obstacles and helps man awaken. You can start a 40 day Ganesha mantra if you desire “Om Gam Ganesha-Ya Namah”, say this 108 times for 40 days and see how life transforms for you in a positive way.

Sagittarius is one of my favorite signs. This is the sign that signifies higher wisdom, expansiveness, optimism, being aware of the silver lining, knowing that there is a greater divine plan no matter how dark things appear to be. Sagittarius is especially about seeking truth and nothing but the truth.

When we seek it whole heartedly, we will always receive it, no matter what. This is a great time to seek truth. Sagittarius is all about the greater and bigger picture! Focus on that.

There is a light within all of us that “they” have been trying to hinder and ruin for a very long time. They want the masses to live in low vibration, frequency, energy, fear, and negativity, be aware of this. A lot of what is going on and has been going on in the world has been designed and planned to implement fear in order to effortlessly control the population, to divide and conquer, and to create order out of chaos . But just like in every or most Hollywood movie, the villains never win in the end, and the truth always comes out. There are many truths coming out and already available, and those who really want theses truths will find them, this is a guarantee from the universe and the Vishvedevas.

(The fixed star or Nakshatra called Uttara Ashadha is found between 26.40 of sidereal Sagittarius and 10 degrees of sidereal Capricorn. Uttara Ashadha means later victory).


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