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Full Moon in PurvaBhadrapada September 10, 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The full Moon takes place in Aquarius at 23 degrees of PurvaBhadrapada nakshatra on September 10, around 6:13 am EST.

Full Moon’s bring light to darkness and truth to light even more so in this nakshatra ruled by Jupiter, the planet of divine wisdom and truth. Remember that full Moon’s create emotional agitations and disturbances, especially this one.

The full Moon is making a sextile to Uranus (R) indicating the opportunity for change and new directions in life, new awareness as well. At the same time the full Moon is also making a square to Mars in Taurus, which creates tension, stubbornness, and anger. PurvaBhadrapada is of a fiery nature, and Mars is likewise squaring the Sun; hence we’ll have to take control of our emotions this month and respect authoritative figures especially, be it our elders for example, or our father.

The deity associated with PurvaBhadrapada is Aja Ekapad, the one footed unborn unmanifested one, he is an ethereal or aerial deity that is invoked as the advocate of the sky and boisterous flood. He is described as one o the eleven Rudras, hence this lunar mansion is made of extremes.

Ruled by Jupiter, there is a very prominent and important “truth seeker” element here.

This full Moon can certainly reveal some important truths to us during this month of September, even some surprising ones. This is a highly “spiritual” nakshatra, which holds the serpentine or kundalini energy, immense spiritual growth and purification occurs here in this lunar mansion, in Aquarius.

As I mentioned above, PurvaBhadrapada is of a fiery nature, this is the fire of purification, spiritual and psychological growth, the “dark night of the soul”, and the burning of our karma. This can be a period of purification and immense profound transformation, especially for those of us on a real conscious spiritual path. There is no spiritual bypassing with this nakshatra.

Aquarius is a humanitarian sign at heart, who desires the betterment and healing of society. However, these changes can only happen if an internal change occurs first. We are all individually responsible for the state of our world, which is why it is even more important to face our shadow and do the healing work, its not about perfection but progressing, from one life to the next. And there is no healing without the truth first.

The Sun being in Leo, and the Moon in Aquarius, deals with authorative figures, politicians, the govern-ment (those who govern the mente, i.e. mind), and society at large, there will be pressure here and conflict, some important truth may arise out of conflict.


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