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Full Moon in Pisces at 22 degrees conjunct Jupiter (October 9, 2022)

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The full Moon takes place in Pisces at 22 degrees of the Vedic star called Revati, on October 9, at 4:20 pm EST.

The Moon is completing its cycle around the zodiac and is ending with a bright full moon conjunct luminous Jupiter (R) in sidereal Pisces. This gives us clarity and opportunity for liberation and endings. Important lessons are being absorbed, growth is available, and now is the time for letting go. This full moon carries important knowledge that will help us move forward with more wisdom and faith.

Pisces deals with the knowledge of unity, necessary transition, compassion, liberation and especially endings. Endings can be painful, yet they are necessary new beginnings for our soul-growth. It may be a good time to close the door to whatever is not making us evolve anymore. It could be a bad habit, negative emotions, or a relationship. This is an expansive full moon at the emotional and conscious level.

We are “seeing the light” with this full moon conjunct Jupiter, the teacher of divine truth. The main message is to listen to your heart, your inner wisdom, and most importantly to honor it. Pisces is the sign of transition and shifts. This is an important shift in consciousness before things get chaotic in the world.

There is important spiritual nourishment & healing with this full moon, as well as help and guidance for accepting the end of certain things and the commencement of a new path.

Revati is a fixed star ruled by the deity Pushan, who is the nourishing aspect of the Sun God. He is a protector and guide for safe travels. He guides the souls in its transition from life on earth to the other worlds.


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