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Full Moon in Leo February 24

The full Moon occurs in Leo at 11°11 of Mahga, on February 24, at 7:29 am EST. The bright star Regulus is right next to the full Moon, which is found in the constellation of the lion, which corresponds to the sign of Leo. This is important to point out as the stars and the signs occupy the same portion or space in the sky, this is essentially what the sidereal zodiac is.


Magha is a royal star represented by the palanquin or the king’s throne. It relates to rulers, politicians, and people in positions of power. Opposite the full Moon we have the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury in Aquarius all in Shatabishak, which is a highly karmic lunar mansion ruled by Rahu and the deity Varuna who relates to healing but also punishment or judgement. The Sun-Saturn conjunction is a heavy one and indicates serious obligations and responsibilities.  Aquarius rules humanity, space and technology amongst other things. Most of the planets are in Saturn ruled signs indicating a strong emphasis on the political world in terms of Karma especially, this of course directly impacts humanity.

Full Moon’s are powerful times that bring awareness and answers. Magha is ruled by Ketu, the shadow planet of spirituality, liberation and detachment. There is an emphasis on death and endings with this full Moon, not a literal death necessarily, but rather an internal realization that may bring us to change paths and regain more integrity. The deities of Magha are the Pitris, who are the ancestors of the human race. This is a good time to honor them, or to remember to honor them with how we live our lives. Leo has a lot to do with integrity and truthfulness.


We may want to light a candle in memory of our ancestors and even loved ones who are no longer with us. A prayer of acknowledgement and reverence, or even seeking help and guidance from them could be beneficial if needed. The Pitris work as guardian angels helping humanity during highly challenging times.


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