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Floods/Storms, New restrictions, Big changes, Mars dance + Gandanta,

A lot of agitation is coming up in the next few weeks and up to the next few months, as well as possible flooding’s, storms and drownings with Mars and Ketu both going in the Gandanta portion of the zodiac (between 29 degrees of a fire sign up to 3.20 degrees of the next water sign). New governmental restrictions may come up world wide.

Gandanta creates a lot of disturbing energy, it is a potent “karmic energy knot” that is being undone or unfolded, generating strong and scattered emotions, leaving us feeling like we are drowning in all of it. It is a lot to handle.

Mars will be doing a crazy dance in the next few months between Pisces and Aries.

I am warning you, this will sound confusing!

Mars goes gandanta August 13 in Pisces and then enters Aries on the 16th and remains gandanta until the 30th of August.

Then it goes Retrograde on September 10th in Aries still, then gandanta again on September 19 , then Mars enters Pisces (still gandanta) until October 6th. Remaining retrograde in Pisces until November 13 2020! Holy Moly.

Major storms will erupt globally, as well as flooding’s.

(Also on December 22 again Mars goes gandanta in Pisces AND will also be squaring Pluto, again. It will remain gandanta util January 1, 2021. Entering Aries on December 24 th. The next 6 months will be quite challenging with Mars, to say the least.) Have you calculated? This is three gandantas for Mars !

Ketu entered the gandanta portion of the zodiac on July 28 and will then enter Scorpio on September 22nd, and remain gandanta until October 11th. (Big changes coming witht the change of the nodoes.)

All of this to say that the next weeks & months will require a lot of adjustments and patience.

· Mars square Jupiter on August 3 and 4.

This creates extremism behaviour. So I am thinking, more protests in the world and possible riots.

· August 11, Mars square Pluto.

This generates power struggle, anger, where no middle ground is found usually, it can be a dangerous square in terms of violence and unforeseen life turns.

· Another important square will be the one between Saturn and Mars around 2 degrees, on August 24 and 25, this will most probably produce some sort of major governmental restriction. There is a profound lack of harmony with this square. Here Mars will be in gandanta, indicating major troubling energies. Again, anger can surface with this aspect. This is a push and pull type of aspect. Saturn wants to restrict, while mars want to boldly move forward, especially here in Aries where it is very dominant and powerful.

How to handle all of this disturbance and change? Trust and know that everything will turn out to be okay, no matter what happens. Breathing work/exercises have helped me and also mantras. We all need to somewhat prepare because things are chaning even more than they aready have.


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