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February 2024 highlights

These are some highlights of the month of February 2024.

February 2024 is a serious month strongly influenced by Saturn the lord of karma and transformation, as there are multiple planets in Capricorn, namely the Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus, all joining Pluto.

Before leaving Capricorn, they will square Uranus in Aries, one by one, which causes upset and disruption in the political and financial world. Capricorn rules world governments, corporations, the material world, the economy and our professional life or status in the world. This is the time to take our responsibilities seriously and manifest things at the material and tangible level.


Mars enters its exaltation sign Capricorn on February 5 to March 18; this gives us the willpower needed to attain our goals. Be sure to use this energy for your endeavors and activities.


February 5, Mercury conjuncts Pluto at 6 degrees, this gives us profound discriminating capabilities. It’s a fantastic day for deep research and uncovering secrets and lies. We have the power to influence others with our communication. Great day to problem solve. Watch out for deceitfulness, as some may try to mislead and manipulate us.


On February 9, we have the New Moon in Capricorn at 26 degrees of Dhanishta, which is ruled by Mars, and squares Uranus at 25 degrees, this is quite upsetting energy. Unpleasant and sudden challenges are on the horizon. This is a time of growth and evolution. We’ll need to be flexible and open to change. Surprises are on the horizon. Dhanishta deals with abundance and resources.

On February 13, Mars and Pluto make a conjunction at 7 degrees of Uttara Ashadha. This is a powerful conjunction of willpower and determination. However, there are power struggles and a tendency to dominate others. This conjunction can cause violence in the world. An important corporation or organization may undergo profound transformation that will affect the world at large, this will cause resentment. Uttara Ashadha is all about power and victory via association. Watch out for overbearance on this day.


On February 14, Mars makes a square to the Moon in Aries, this causes conflict and strife. Beware of harshness and bluntness on this day.


February 17, Venus conjunct Pluto at 6 degrees, this is a passionate conjunction with a tendency towards obsessiveness in relationships and romance. Watch out for jealousy. Mars is very close and adds intensity to this aspect. This conjunction brings up our shadows in love relationships, and finance in general. Things can get ugly if we don't control our reactions around this day.


February 21, Mars makes an opposition to the Moon at 12 degrees, battles in relationships are indicated today. The Moon is in Cancer, which is more emotional and sensitive when in water signs, so try avoiding confrontations. There are challenges in the housing market this entire month of February.


February 24, we have a full Moon in Leo at 11 degrees of Magha, with a beautiful trine from Jupiter. This is a special full Moon that always occurs before Shiva ratri and is an auspicious time for charitable work. Both Saturn and Jupiter aspect the full Moon which brings things to fruition. More on this soon.


Mars and Venus are closely conjunct throughout this month adding intense passion in the air, and higher chances of conflict in our relationships in general. This aspect increases our desire nature greatly, especially for sensuality and material things such as impulse purchases, be careful with your wallet.

The focus of the month is on working consistently towards our goals and their manifestation in our lives. Saturn is strong in Aquarius giving us the intelligence needed to figure things out and make a difference in society and in the world. Saturn is in Shatabishak this whole time, which relates to healing but also heavy karmic repercussions, be very intentional with your actions and do things with greater awareness this month. Use the powerful exalted Mars energy for the betterment of the world and not to control and dominate others. Every action we take, no matter how small or big, contributes to the development of humanity as a whole.


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