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February 22, 2020, (2/22/2020) Tragedy trigger? 9/11 Repeat? - February 20 to 25, 2020

18 ½ years ago, there was the tragedy of September 11, 2001, in New York City. We are now approaching the almost exact astrological transits and factors by the end of the month of February, between the 21 and 23.

Rahu is in Ardra (in sidereal Gemini - the twin sign, as in twin towers) and Ketu in Mula in Sagittarius - a very destructive lunar mansion, while Mars in in Mula and will soon go over the exact point of the last solar eclipse ( Mula 9.58 degrees on December 26, 2019) very early on February 22nd and will be within one degree of Ketu. On September 11th, we had the same recipe with the nodes being at the same placements, Mars was within 1 degree of Ketu in Mula, except Jupiter was in Gemini. Now Jupiter is in its own house of Sagittarius at 23 degrees.

Some astrologers claim that because Jupiter is in Sagittarius that this will bring protection and prevent any disaster. I really beg to differ, yet I hope to be wrong.

Jupiter is too far away in degrees to offer protection even in its own house. And during the time of 9/11, Jupiter was looking and aspecting its own house while in Gemini and did not provide much protection. It was a huge tragedy that killed almost 3000 people.

What we have coming in the next few days is highly indicative of a major event, something explosive or even terrorism, something fueled by anger and hate is likely.

Mars/Ketu conjunction is very conducive to bringing anger issues to the forefront leading to fighting or even violence. If you have planets in sidereal Sagittarius within a few degrees of 9.58 or 11 degrees, where the exact conjuction of mars ketu wll occur, then be aware that this may shake you up a little and you may feel more agitated, nervous or angry. You may get a boost of energy also, use it wisely and carefully!

Trying to release this very strong energy in a positive way will help, such as physical exercise or breathing exercises like Pranayama. Attacking the clutter in your home or clearing your messy desk is a good idea also.

Mars/Ketu is very strong for intuition and knowing when to make the right move or when to attack like good soldiers do.

I almost forgot to mention that Pluto being at 29.55 degrees in Sagittarius on February 22, is another important indication of possible major destruction. The close Pluto gets to 30 degrees the more likely an important change will occur in society, in the world at large…or in our personal lives.

February 22, around 5 am EST, Mars will be at the exact degree of the last solar eclipse (and Pluto will be at 29.55),

February 24, exact conjunctin of Ketu and Mars in Mula, Saggitarius,

and Pluto at 29.59 degrees,

February 25, Pluto at 0 degrees Capricorn


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