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Emotionally super charged Lunar Eclipse in sidereal Taurus, at 14 degrees November 30, at 4.30 am

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Eclipses literally shake up the earth, and they shake us up as well. Since this is a lunar eclipse, meaning a Full Moon on the nodal axis and conjunct the node, in this case Rahu, surgeries of all kinds are not advised on this day. Nor major last-minute changes. This is not a total eclipse, yet the moon is exalted in Taurus, thus making is stronger in terms of its energies.

The Moon rules the tides of the earth as well as the water or fluid within the body including the blood, since it is a form of liquid (plasma). A simple full Moon agitates the waters of the earth and the water content in our body (the Moon is a crucial component in regulating bleeding btw).

With a Lunar Eclipse, the agitation is amplified ten folds, and not just at the physical level but at the emotional level as well.

Lunar eclipses can make us overreact and feel like we are on a rollercoaster of emotions.

The eclipse is in sidereal Taurus, which rules the second house of the natural zodiac, which is about money, values (what we value), the lord of this house is Venus the planet of love, indulgences of the senses, sensuality and romance.

Eclipses are powerful energies which bring on new changes and surprises, many times unexpected. Sometimes new beginnings and other times endings will happen prior the eclipse or right after.

Since eclipses literally shake the earth, we will hear about floods, earthquakes, and other similar acts of nature, soon after this eclipse, this will occur in some of these continents, Asia, North and South America, and Europe. This is where the eclipse will be visible.

It is always advised to keep it simple on eclipse day. Making big decisions on this day is not a good idea (even weeks before and after - planning and thinking things through is best) since eclipses literately eclipse the mind, in other words, we are not thinking clearly. Do not look at the full moon on the eclipse day, it is said to be very inauspicious.

I want to remind everyone that we are all one. When one country or one person is hurt, it affects all of us. We are one collective source of consciousness, there is no separation. Separation is a grand illusion. When we hurt one another, we are only creating more global and collective karma, as well as accumulating individual karma. We need to develop positive and good thoughts for all the suffering countries and people around the world. Starting with the people in our lives and around us.

2020 has been a difficult year and it is not over yet. We have one more Eclipse in store before the end of the year, and that one does not look great at all.

As an astrologer I do see how everything is predestined, but I also believe in the power of manifesting goodness in the world and it starts at the individual level.

Everything that is going on in the world is happening because it is a mirror of where we are collectively at the spiritual and psychological level. We have work to do, this is why we are here afterall.

We need to awaken to a lot of truth, and we will. Just be ready for all the lies to be uncovered because it will happen.


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