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December 26, 2019 Solar eclipse in sidereal Sagittarius

We are finishing up the year with a very strong and transformative Solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius at 9.58 degrees at Midnight 11 minutes, EST. This will bring a lot of change for 2020. It is happening in the lunar mansion of Moola, which is where the galactic center of the universe (the black hole) is, which is known to be the Navel of Lord Vishnu from which all of consciousness and evolution is birthed.

We often talk about how destructive and unlucky or difficult Moola is, but never about how incredibly spiritual and connected to God it can be. All the destruction found here is nothing but a quest for truth and to pave the way for the new, i.e. expanded consciousness. This is a very inspiring eclipse, nonetheless; we will be inspired to make big changes which is very fitting with the new year ahead. The only thng is that this is not the time to make any changes at the time oof the eclipse. Our heads may be spinning because of all the energies in sagittarius.

A Solar Eclipse is basically when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct (forming a New Moon, i.e. a new lunar month), on the nodal axis (north node or south node, in Vedic astrology they are called Rahu and Ketu), in this case it is conjunct the South Node/ Ketu of the moon.

Seven planets are in Sagittarius; Sun (9.58 degrees), Moon (9.58) Mercury (Gandanta 1 degree), Jupiter (11 degrees), Ketu (14 degrees), Saturn (26 degrees) and Pluto (28 degrees)! This is a lot of energy to handle, especially if you have Sagittarius Moon, Sun or Rising sign here. Taking it slow and conserving your energy are important at this moment. Only 3 planets are emphasised in this eclipse; SUN, MOON, JUPITER, making it super spiritual & filled with inspiration since these are the three sattvic planets. These planets help us realize what really matters, the deeper things that bring us happiness & inspiration.

How do eclipses affect us and who will they affect?

With a Solar Eclipse, we usually GAIN something because the Moon is starting its waxing cycle of increasing in light, so something new may enter our life within the next three months. Good? Bad? Time will tell but usually we are to make good out of more complex situations in life, this is definitely a strong transformative eclipse meant to make our consciousness evolve, which is the whole point of life and the reason we are all here. Eclipses bring the unexpected a lot of times, it is a life force that leaves us no choice but to face whatever we need to, good or challenging.

· Normally eclipses affect us all directly or indirectly through our loved ones, governmental change, society, etc.

· If you are running a Mahadasha (planetary period) or Bhukti (sub-period) of Jupiter, Ketu, Sun or Moon, then you will most certainly be affected in some way.

· If your Moon, Sun or Ascendant Lord Jupiter or any other ascendant lord in Sagittarius is close to the 9.58 degrees of this eclipse, within 5 degrees, maybe up to 7 degrees max, then you will feel the most impact. Life for you may change in a big way within the next three to six months, or at least you will feel a major pull to make some big changes in your life. Maybe you've already started feeling the pull to do so. We feel the energy of eclipses a few weeks before they manifest, even one month before. Do note, the time of the eclipses are never a time to make major changes or make decisions, our mind is literally eclipsed, i.e. not in good condition to think cautiously or soberly.

- Gemini or Virgo rising, since your ascendant Lord Mercury is in the Gandanta portion of Sagittarius, you may feel a lot of fatigue, tension or unsettling energies, not overdoing anything will be helpful as well as resting. Pisces rising will be affected as well since your ascendant Lord Jupiter is involved in the eclipse, within 2 degrees of it.

For Capricorns and Aquarius, Saturn is pretty far in degrees so I do not include your rising sign as being too touched by this eclipse but more so affected by the tight Pluto conjunction, which will only increase as the weeks go by bringing in similar effects as the eclipse.

· To really understand the nature of this eclipse we need to look at Sagittarius and Moola. Sagittarius is a Dharma sign, it is all about “doing the right thing”, seeking truth, higher wisdom, spirituality, religion, change for the better, the silver lining. This is also a sign of setting down the law. For sure with all the impeachment talk in the US that huge change is coming, I would say surprising changes in 2020, very unexpected. We may see some fanaticism of some sort since Sagittarius is certainly associated with religious fanaticism, or just fanatical actions of any kind. Sagittarius is all about our belief system and this is what will change in the world, our beliefs have been tested for a long time now, it all started 18 years ago in 2001 with the last time we had the eclipse here.

· 2020 is a year of huge change because Moola is about unrooting lies and getting to the core of truth. The symbol of Moola is a bunch of tangled-up tree roots, very deep underground. I really do believe a lot of governmental secrets will come out and that people will fiercely uproot all the major lies and hidden secrets. And by the way, if you didn’t already know, the government uses astrology and has always used it very meticulously for as long as it has existed, as well as the Vatican which carries one of the biggest astrological libraries. Sagittarius rules the Vatican, so I am not surprised if we see the Vatican involved in some scandals or important changes in 2020. This is not a prediction per se, but a strong speculation on my part.

As a "spiritual" astrologer, I am really not here to sugar coat anything, but I am also not here to bring fear. There is really nothing to fear at all, I say this because I often get contacted by people who are scared of the eclipses. On a personal and deeper level, Moola is here to destroy our inner fears, to uproot what is comfortable (keeping us from expansion) but also what is not true. Moola is the master of truth, transformation & spiritual change and this is pretty much what this eclipse is about. A lot of good can come out of it.

Do note that we have a lot of solid support for 2020 with Jupiter being in its own home and Saturn being in its own home, this is great and the energies will be a lot better than 2019.


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