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Uranus/Sun tight conjunction. Big changes & past-life energy resurfacing

Sun tightly conjunct Uranus in Aries. Pluto getting ready to retrograde along with Saturn.

The Sun is currently tightly conjunct Uranus at 8 degrees in Aries, this important conjunction happens once every year. However, this year the energy is more unsettling and runs a little deeper. than usual.

Uranus/Sun in Aries can bring about the urge and impulse to make big changes in our lives, depending on the house that Aries rules in our chart.There is this unavoidable energy shift going on in our consciousness which can give us sudden inspiration to move forward without fear, like a determined horse galloping forward. This is happening in the Ashwini lunar mansion symbolized by the male horse head. Ashwini is ruled by Ketu indicating past like karmic patterns, implying issues that need to be released. This is a time of letting go of a lot of fear in order for the new to start entering in slowly.

Uranus/Sun influences us in having more courage and going outside our comfort zone. Uranus wants to make us more of who we really are, without fear of what others may feel or think about it. Intuition and inspiration is running high right now, however it is important to not make drastic decisions without deep contemplation first.

Both Pluto and Saturn are currently stationary and thus very strong, they are getting ready to Retrograde in Sagittarius, indicating a time of deep retrospection ahead, especially about the things we value most, and wish to manifest in our reality. Saturn is about creating form and tangible things in our life, this will not happen without the destruction of fears, detrimental patterns and cognition's first; Pluto is a destructive energy.

Saturn retrograde will be tightly conjunct Ketu bringing up deep karmic past life issues to the surface, to be faced. We should try to find the lessons and teacher in every challenging situation realizing that it is all for the advancement and expansion of your consciousness.

This is a time to pay close attention to the things which really matter to us. Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter is about our dharmic path in life, the path that we are truly meant to be on and that will bring us blessings and inner contentment, in Sagittarius it is the path of wisdom and higher aspirations. What matters most in life and what will bring higher vibration to us is what most of us will be questioning and facing during all of this retrograde season. This is undeniably a time of letting go of old beliefs, fears, negative cognition's, and religious confinement, bringing us closer to our true nature and dharma. Focusing on positivity is very important during this entire retrograde season because there will be a lot of deep internal issues coming up, it will feel very unsettling at times, keep in mind that everyone will be experiencing this very strong energy to varying degrees, and that you are not alone. It is just a season in the stars.

· Saturn wants to create and manifest tangible form, this requires letting go of the things which may be blocking this process, or putting these things aside for a certain time, it requires isolation and working hard alone.

· Pluto wants to destroy the ego and connect us to humility and love, this energy oftentimes brings very harsh/difficult situations into our lives to teach us and show us the detriments of the ego…

· Ketu teaches us detachment and spiritual liberation, teaching us that what is physical and material doesn’t last forever… beware of being too self-critical and critical of others in general..

· Jupiter (in Scorpio) wants to teach us to perceive the higher wisdom and lessons in challenging times and situations, to keep our head up and not abandon the challenge, knowing that blessings are not far off. (Remember Jupiter will enter its own house of Sagittarius mid-November 2019, blessings are most-likely assured.)

· Pluto goes Retrograde April 25

· Saturn goes Retrograde April 30th to September 17

· Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio April 23 to August 11


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