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Birth Pangs, Justice, and Renewal


New Moon’s are when the Sun and Moon conjoin at the same degree every month (approximately every 30 days). The waxing phase is for new beginnings/possibilities, for growth and advancement, it's the perfect time for planting seeds in a garden, or in our lives. The day of the new Moon however, when the Moon is dark, is not an auspicious time for new beginnings, it is an ideal time for introspection, resting, prayer, meditation, etc. We want to begin our new plans when we start seeing a sliver of the Moon or on the waxing crescent Moon.


The new Moon takes place on May 7, in Aries at 23 degrees and 50 minutes, it is conjunct Uranus and Venus (invisible/combust). Saturn in Aquarius at 23 degrees casts its full 3rd aspect, adding seriousness and challenge to the new month ahead. Human rights issues will be the focus. Protests will increase and erupt. Saturn is in Purva Bhadrapada, which is a very hot tempered lunar mansion that relates to atmospheric chaos/disturbances, storms, lightening and thunder.


The new Moon is in the Vedic portion of the sky called Bharani, which corresponds to the Yoni, the divine procreative feminine energy (Shakti), which symbolizes life and new birth. It also relates to the painful and trying birthing process that women go through, which is also painful and traumatic for the baby. The birthing process can be used as a metaphor to describe any situation, project or plan that requires endurance and that is difficult and challenging. These are the main energies at play for the new month. Hence, it will be a trying month that requires perseverance and endurance if we want to see the fruits of our labor. Bharani is called “the star of restraint”.


Uranus being conjunct the new Moon brings unpredictability, disruption, and sudden unforeseen events. So, beware as plans may shift suddenly!

There are relationship issues this month as Venus is involved, and is weakened by the rays of the Sun. This gives Venus a more egotistical energy and nature, especially when in Aries where cooperation and compromise is not a given.


Bharani is highly creative and artistic, as well as original. So don’t be afraid of being yourself this month, as individuality or individuation is strong in this sign. Aries is the sign of courage, initiation, and forward movement, this is the month to move forward without hesitation, yet knowing that things may not be as “easy peasy”. If you’ve been holding off on physical exercise or activity, this is the time to start moving your body!


Bharani is ruled by the deity Yama, who is the god of death and justice. He is said to escort the recently departed souls to their right abode, according to their actions. And so, there is a theme here with dharma (doing the right thing), karma, death and endings, but also regeneration for this month. Another important theme is justice, this is something we’ll hear more about in the upcoming weeks, especially pertaining to people in power. Many surprises and difficulties are in store for the world and the leaders of the world. We are going through serious birth pangs collectively, and there is more to come this month unfortunately, but this is the process of regeneration. The rebirthing can only happen after the degeneration is complete. It's the cycle of life, and what Bharani teaches us along with Yama.

Lots of change and transformation ahead of us.

The Aries new Moon tells us that we need to keep moving forward no matter what, and that new beginnings and possibilities are never far from our reach, but they aren't possible without endings or closing chapters first, nor without putting in the effort and dedication.

The Sun in Aries recently started a brand new cycle of 360 days around the zodiac, this is one full year of new opportunities, which is something to meditate upon on this new moon day. What do you want to accomplish this year? It's a good idea to start this month, especially with Akshaya Tritiya coming up on May 10 when both Sun and Moon are exalted, this is a highly prosperous day. Any good deed we do, will return to us and be multiplied. Starting anything new is very auspicious now, even purchases are said to be blessed and lucky.


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