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Venus Retrograde July 18 to September 3, 2023

Venus is Retrograde from July 22 to September 3rd.

It turns Retrograde in sidereal Leo at 4 degrees of Magha, and then goes direct on September 3, at 18 degrees of sidereal Cancer in Ashlesha (as shown in the charts below).

Before going retrograde, it first stations at 4 degrees of Magha on July 18. And then before going direct on September 3, it stations at 18 degrees of Ahslesha around August 27. If you have planets at these two degrees (4 degrees sidereal Leo and 18 degress of sidereal Cancer) then this Retrograde will impact you more. If your natal Venus happens to be near the 18 degrees of the station direct, you may encounter a significant new love in the following months or year.

As with all retrogrades, this is a time to go inwards, to calm the mind, and heal different parts of us, in this case our hearts.

Venus rules relationships & marriage, finance, our values and what we say yes to, thus contracts & agreements, also the food industry and what we consume, is ruled by Shukra (Venus in Sanskrit). Hence some of these areas will need revaluation in our lives. When a planet is retrograde it is closer to the earth and therefore more potent, so we’ll need to channel this energy appropriately. One easy way of doing this is by connecting to our heart center or Anahata chakra, which is ruled by Venus. It’s a good time to contemplate on our values and ways to honor them further, also to contemplate on love and compassion for self and others. Meditating with one hand on our heart, honoring Lakshmi or learning about her can all be fruitful ways of making the best out of this transit. Also, sharing love with others as much as possible and seeking peace, instead of war.

This retrograde is a little chaotic as Venus will be in the gandanta region between Cancer and Leo from July 30th to August 12. (August 3rd to the 10th is the most intense gandanta period).

This can feel quite overwhelming and can generate deep emotions; it’s a time for healing and looking within. Past traumas may surface so pay attention to what’s going on in your heart. All the areas of Venus can suffer during this time, including financial issues in the world.

Also, Venus is combust from August 8 to the 18, which will weaken it significantly. This isn’t a good time to sign any contracts or to make loans. Be careful with your spending and be cautious while driving.

Another important factor is that from July 18 to the 26, Venus is inconjunct (quincunx) Pluto at 4 degrees. This can generate new financial issues in the government since Pluto is in Capricorn, which rules world governments and Venus is in Leo, which rules world leaders. This indicates some big transformation concerning world leaders or presidents, as the inconjunction is a 6/8 aspect in Jyotish that is said to produce great transformation and even accidents.

At the same time, Mars in Leo will be opposite Saturn Retrograde on July 20 & 21, at 12 degrees of Leo, this creates a push/pull energy, and puts the breaks on Mars, which can be quite frustrating. This also involves world leaders. With all these aspects (and the future ones involving Mars), something is definitely brewing behind the scenes at the political level.

From August 8 to the 10th, Uranus makes a square to Venus retrograde at 28 degrees, this can give way to unexpected events in the financial sector, and in relationships. Many times relationships can end with the square or cause a period of instability.

On July 30th Venus and Neptune are in a quincunx at 3 degrees, which indicates deception.

Venus is in Magha from July 22 to August 7th, which is ruled by Ketu, which is currently in Libra the sign of the scales, contracts, and relationships. These areas are the focus during this transit and can become problematic. An important ending can occur in the world of politics. This is a good time to honor our ancestors in various ways and focus on spiritual matters.

Venus is in Ashlesha from August 7th to September 3, which is ruled by Mercury. This is an opportune time to destroy inner enemies that we may have. It’s a good time to study occult and metaphysical matters. Watch what you consume during this time, whether foods or liquids.

The first chart below is when Venus goes Retrograde in Magha, in sidereal Leo. The second is when Venus turns direct in Ashlesha, in sidereal Cancer.


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