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Venus Gandanta in Cancer & Leo

From June 29 to July 15, Venus will be in one of the gandanta areas of the zodiac, between 26 degrees 40 minutes of watery Cancer and 3 degrees & 20 minutes of fiery Leo.

This can be quite overwhelming for all areas relating to Venus such as love matters and finances. Some deep issues can arise during this period such as past trauma that needs healing in our personal relationships including marriage, as well as in the way we manage our finances.

Venus rules decision making; hence what we say yes to and what we agree to. Our values may undergo some profound transformation at this time.

We may need to say no to whatever isn’t supporting our personal evolution or growth right now. Cancer deals with our emotional security and peace of hearth & mind, while Leo deals with authoritative figures, our creativity, our intelligence and matter of the heart and love and even higher love.

Venus gandanta in Ashlesha may deal with issues of control and manipulation, while Venus in Magha deals with issues from the past, and even our ancestors, and authority.

Mars is also in Gandanta from June 24 to July 6, which deals with overwhelming feelings of anger and even rage. If you’ve been repressing your anger, this is when it could be expressed in unhealthy ways. Watch out for that. This isn’t the time to pick fights with anyone.


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