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Uranus Opposite Mars 11/11

Unpredictable & freedom-loving Uranus in Aries opposes its dispositor, independent & warrior-like Mars in Libra, on November 11, at 26 degrees and 59 minutes. This is highly disruptive energy to say the least. It will produce frustration, a breaking point for many, and surprising or shocking events. For others, this is a time to break free from all sorts of impediments or blocks (inner and outer). This is the time to make positive changes in your life and to let go of certain things, just remember to be mindful. This opposition causes tension and irritation in relationships of all sorts, the breaking of contracts and agreements are indicated (Venus is debilitated in Virgo throughout November) as well as hasty actions.

Uranus retrograde in Aries is quite impulsive while Mars in Libra is combust and invisible until January 16. It loses a lot of its innate and higher qualities and becomes more egotistical when overpowered by the rays of the Sun. Yet the Sun and Mars are mutual friends and so we can transmute this energy into something more positive and beneficial.

Both Mars and Uranus are in powerful Vedic stars and portions of the sky. Uranus is in Krittika, “the cutter” of negativity, where the refining fire of Agni burns away our weaknesses. This star has a lot to do with truth, hence we may receive or uncover some shocking truth. Mars is in powerful Vishakha ruled by two deities: Indra god of transformation and Agni god of fire. This is a highly courageous star, full of perseverance and strength. Profound transformation and sudden unexpected circumstances are seen with this opposition, which will get activated on the New Moon of November 13.

One negative feature is that this aspect will ignite important fires in the world, as well as more violence and an increase of military involvement in the middle east.

Be cautious on November 11 while driving/travelling, and on the days prior as well. The effects of transits are always felt in advance, they manifest in tangible ways days in advance and even days after.


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