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Sun, Mercury, Neptune square Mars

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

From March 15 to 17, Sun, Mercury and Neptune are all conjunct in Pisces and squaring Mars in Gemini at 1 degree. There is important confusion here, this is a classic aspect for delusion and gullibility. It is difficult to be honest and truthful with oneself when this aspect is present in our chart, it’s one of the most difficult aspects to have. Imagination is stronger than reality with this hard aspect. It also produces a great deal of self-doubt and feelings of being incompetent or useless.

Critical deception can be revealed around this time especially regarding powerful individuals in society and in the government, this can be shocking to some and cause confusion and anger.

You may uncover deceit in your own personal life as well. This isn’t the time to blindly trust anyone or anything, nor is this the time to sign contracts as mercury is combust and conjunct Neptune, the facts are unclear and foggy.


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