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Sun in Pisces March 14 to April 13, 2024


The Sun is finishing up its cycle around the zodiac in the sign of Pisces from March 14 to April 13. This is an important transit because when the Moon joins the Sun here, we have the Vedic lunar yearly chart. We use this chart to predict the year ahead until the next new moon in Pisces.


This year the new moon yearly chart coincides with the total Solar eclipse on April 8, indicating a very intense and chaotic year ahead full of new beginnings and surprises.


The Sun is the epitome of masculine energy, it is consistent, reliable, dependable, and truthful. There is no confusion when it comes to the Sun, is it clear, direct, and forward. It upholds its responsibilities no matter what. It keeps its word, no matter what.

In Pisces however, the Sun becomes obscure, it is not that reliable anymore. It is hindered by emotions, feelings, and uncertainty. It loses its masculinity.


Pisces deals with the subconscious mind, the dreamlife and the hidden, while the Sun rules consciousness and light. Hence when the Sun is here, we feel more tired and less inclined to uphold our obligations. The Sun rules structure, Pisces rules disorganization. Boundaries are normally weak when the Sun is in this sign. Sun is Pisces is very similar to Sun conjunct Neptune.


The Sun in Pisces simply goes with the flow. It’s more empathic, more sensitive & wrapped up in intuition. It is inspired towards healing and helping those in need. Exploring the meaning of our dreams, the abstract and the astral realms becomes the focus. We are more inclined towards seeking the divine and sharing love with others. The ego is less strong in Pisces.


The fact that Neptune is also in Pisces weakens the Sun’s boundaries even more and makes it less truthful. Watch out for deception! This is a time of retreat, and recuperation before its exaltation in Aries starting on April 13, when we’ll be up and rolling and ready to take initiative.


o   The Sun makes an exact conjunction with Rahu on April 5 at 21 degrees, deception will abound surrounding leaders and authority figures.

o   April 8, Total Solar eclipse in Pisces, 25 degrees of Revati. Intense time.

o   April 11, Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces at 28 degrees gandanta, very hectic day. Problems with travel, transportation, weather and communication.

o   April 11-13 Sun in gandanda in Pisces , overwhelming energy.


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