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Rahu/Ketu Transit for All Signs

This is for your Sidereal Ascendant and Moon sign.


Rahu is in your 12th house, which can disturb the mind and your sleep. Pay attention to your dreams. Some individuals don’t have your best interest, beware who you trust. Ketu is in your 6th house, which is not bad, but can still bring some health issues, make sure you’re eating a good diet. You'll experience dissatisfaction in your work environment, and some of you may change jobs. Beware of getting into debt.


Rahu is in your 11th, important monetary gains are indicated. You can easily manifest your wishes and desires. Take advantage of any opportunity to socialize as you may meet some influential and powerful people. Issues with an older sibling may arise or they may need your help. Ketu is in your 5th house, your children will need more attention. Ketu gives great perception in the 5th.


Rahu is in your 10th house, which is excellent for your career. Advancement in your career is indicated and opportunities for expansion and recognition on a wider scale. Ketu is in your 4th, your intuition will grow, honor it. Your mother could experience a health issues, and may need your attention and care. You are dissatisfied with your home at this time, some of you will move.


Rahu is in your 9th house, travel will increase. This is a great time to learn something new or take up a new course or class. Some of you will desire to teach, great time for that. Ketu is in your 3rd, issues with siblings will come up, or a distancing with them. Your intellect is more perceptive and internalized.


Rahu is in your 8th; this is a troublesome transit where sudden life changing events may come up. Issues surrounding death will arise, a crisis or even a loss in your life may happen. Increased interest in spirituality and the occult are indicated. Ketu is in your 2nd house, there is dissatisfaction with your family and finances can be of concern. (Know that your entire chart needs analyzing for better understanding and interpretation)


Rahu is in your 7th and Ketu in your 1st, this is a highly karmic. You will feel more detached.

Intuition will increase. Some of you may feel psychic at times. You may experience odd or interesting spiritual experiences, pay attention to your surroundings. Rahu is in your 7th, your partner, or your relationships in general are becoming more demanding. If single, you may meet someone with a big personality, just make sure they aren’t deceiving you.


Rahu is in your 6th, which is excellent, you’ll have what it takes to take down any “enemy” that comes your way. Still, health may need attention, especially with Neptune there, you are prone to psychic sensitivities and disturbances. Ketu in your 12th house brings up past issues and even past life issues that need healing and letting go of. Great position for spiritual advancement or becoming a spiritual healer of some kind.


Rahu is in your 5th house; children will take up a lot of your energy or they may go in new directions in life. This is a great time to date and meet a potential new partner. Creativity will abound. Some of you may get pregnant. Ketu is in your 11th house; there is a distancing with friends, and changes in personal desires and wishes. Issues with older siblings may surface.


Rahu is in your 4th, this means you are most likely to move to a new home. Your mother may need a lot more attention. There can be some psychological unrest. Ketu is in your 10th house of career and social status; some dissatisfactions and changes are seen here. You may change jobs.


Rahu is in your 3rd, you will have an insatiable mind during this time in terms of learning new things and curiosity. Great time to take up a new course. Travel will increase. Relationships with siblings may suffer. Ketu in your 9th indicates a distancing with your father of some sort or dissatisfaction with your relationship with him. He may need your help or care.


Rahu is in your 2nd, there may be some family drama or issues. Finances will most likely increase.

Ketu in the 8th is fantastic for spirituality, or learning astrology. There could be a loss in your life or some important transformation in your family or in-laws, or some distancing with your in-laws.


Rahu is in your 1st house, and Ketu in your 7th, this is a highly karmic placement. You will feel more empowered and undefeatable during this time, just beware of the lower ego. Your partner may have some troubles and need your help, or you may meet someone that needs saving and more of your energy. There could even be a separation with your spouse. This is a time to develop yourself and consider your needs.


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