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Rahu and Ketu enter Pisces-Virgo Axis. November 28 to May 29, 2025

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

An important and pivotal event happens on November 28, Rahu and Ketu change sings and enter Pisces and Virgo respectively. They remain on this axis until May 29, 2025. This is a big energetic shift for the world and our lives.

Rahu and Ketu are the karmic nodes of the Moon, they are invisible yet quite potent energetically and are responsible for our reincarnation. Rahu is our future and represents worldly attachments, desires, and illusions. Wherever Rahu is placed in our chart represents what we need to develop in this earthly incarnation, or what we are here to learn and master. Rahu keeps us stuck on the wheel of samsara (the cycle of death and rebirth) with insatiable desires or unfulfilled desires, he is the head of the snake/demon without the body or stomach, hence he is always hungry for more and does well in this material plane full of endless wishes & desires. However, there is more to Rahu than superficiality, as his aim for us is enlightenment. Remember that God or Vishnu incarnated as the nava grahas (the 9 planets, this includes Rahu and Ketu), for two purposes; to give us our karmas and to help us defeat the devil or ignorance.

Ketu is the body of the snake/demon without the head. He represents the need for detachment from worldly desire. He is highly perceptive and inwardly focused, he wants to take us off the wheel of samsara, yet he is still a demon and brings his challenges to us in the form of fear, anxiety, and feelings of emptiness or unfulfillment. He is the black hole in our current lives that we cannot fulfill because we’ve already done so in past lives. This creates dissatisfaction for us. While Rahu creates endless attachments to the perishable things of life, Ketu removes them from us, which can be quite painful, as we aren’t always ready for this separation or ending, or death. Hence, Ketu is the epitome of letting go and detachment. He brings us moksha, spiritual enlightenment and profound inner realizations in the painful process of letting go.

Now the Virgo-Pisces axis is what I call the health axis in Ayurvedic astrology. This is what I look at to see health problems (or the 6th and 12th axis). Virgo is the sign of the healer and medicine while Pisces is the sign of hospitals, and rehabilitation or convalescence. Yet this axis is also about profound spiritual transformation and integration, which not many people talk about. Virgo is our physical experience in the material plane, while Pisces is the epitome of spiritual experiences in the higher planes. We must integrate these two signs to have a non-deceptive spiritual experience while here on earth. We must use the discriminative and practical qualities of Virgo to not be deceived on our spiritual path, which spiritual adepts of the past were aware of. They even revered the sign of Virgo as a worthy sign for spiritual progress and development. Afterall, its only on this physical material plane that the soul can evolve.

Rahu in Pisces

With Rahu in the mystical sign of Pisces there will be opportunity for spiritual advancement and spiritual exploration. This is the time to expand on our spiritual path. However, when Rahu first enters Pisces, he continues his path in the challenging gandanta zone throughout most of December or until the 25. In the deep waters of Pisces we can expect massive rainfalls, floodings, hurricanes, and tsunamis. Emotionally, we may feel quite overwhelmed, like we’re drowning. You’ll feel this energy most if you have planets around 28 or 29 degrees of sidereal Pisces. Rahu will amplify the Piscean waters, we can feel more empathic, emotional and have more psychic sensitivities, watch out for this. The downside is being swept away by illusions, false ideologies, deceptive gurus, and false “spiritual healers”. If we remain grounded enough, Rahu in Pisces will help us develop our spiritual abilities such as intuitiveness and other gifts. Remember to remain compassionate during this Rahu transit and to do things for the greater good of humanity. There can be a great deal of healing available if we connect to our heart chakra located in the center of our chest (Venus rules it and is exalted in Pisces). Other downsides are an increase of secrecy, lies, deception, and hidden enemies, as this is the domain of the 12th house. We will hear of various murders and an increase in deaths, especially when Rahu conjoins with Saturn for about two months, and when Neptune cojoins Rahu. Be careful who you trust. Connect to your gut feeling or inner voice as much as possible, as this is what we need to develop and master during this period. Our connection to God will be vital, we need to return to the light and increase it within us because so much deception is coming. The emphasis will be on spirituality, religious figures, false leader types, the medical system/hospitals, healing, and deaths.

Ketu in Virgo

Ketu in the sign of Virgo is highly critical, so watch out for the tendency to emphasise only on the problems, look for solutions using vital Mercurial energy.

There will be dissatisfaction in the areas of modern medicine. More people will turn to alternative modes of healing (Ayurveda, holistic nutrition, naturopathy, pranic healing, etc.) Detoxing from all sorts of poisons will become popular. Important research will be revealed to the world concerning medical lies and atrocities. Ketu here causes various health issues that are hard to pinpoint or diagnose especially with Rahu and Neptune in Pisces. You may want to heal others and help them using spirituality and the occult. Vital inner and spiritual lessons on detachment will arise for us in the house ruled by Virgo, according to our ascendant. Pay attention to Ketu, this inner force of deep insight and truth. Virgo rules our daily life, including work, colleagues, our routine/habits/diet, pets, we’ll have to look at all these areas with different eyes, as much dissatisfaction will arise. These areas will require more attention from us. If you have planets in Virgo, then Ketu will be asking you to detach from whatever these planets rule in your chart, it can be quite challenging.

Important Dates

April 20, 2024

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries at 27 degrees and 37 minutes in Krittika

Jupiter is the dispositor of Rahu in Pisces and its transits are highly important

This conjunction produces massive awakenings.

February 7, 2025

Rahu conjunct Neptune in Pisces, at 3 degrees and 56 minutes of Uttara bhadrapada

This produces mass deception/illusion in the world. Things are not as they seem at all, far from it. A powerful figure may not be who he appears to be. Watch out who you trust in the world, especially if they give spiritual wisdom or refer to God, it could be an agenda.

April 21, 2025

Rahu conjunct Saturn at 2 degrees and 38 minutes of Purva Bhadrapada.

This is a very difficult aspect with Saturn the lord of karma, death, decay. Saturn also rules leaders and the government. Rahu amplifies all the malefic qualities of Saturn, including restrictions, delays, death. The last time this aspect took place in Pisces (in1968) was when Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated.

Eclipse dates:

Mar 25, 2024

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Virgo at almost 11 degrees of Hasta.

April 8, 2024

Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 25 degrees of Revati, with Venus and Neptune.

Sep 17, 2024

Partial Lunar Eclipse in Virgo at 1 degrees 28 minutes of Uttara Phalguni

Mar 13–14, 2025

Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo at 29 degrees of Uttara Phalguni

Sun conjunct Saturn (28 degrees)

Mar 29, 2025

Partial Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 14 degrees of Uttara Bhadrapada

Conjunct Mercury (R), Neptune, Venus(R)


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