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Pluto turns Retrograde May 2

The God of the underworld, Pluto, turns Retrograde on May 2 to October 11, in Capricorn. We can expect major disclosure with this one, relating to the governments and leaders.


Pluto rules whatever is hidden and buried underground such as underground tunnels, mysteries, and secrets. It rules the subconscious mind, abductions, poisons/vaccines, repression, crisis, control & manipulation. It is the planet of deep transformation (at the psychological level especially), and regeneration (death and rebirth). When retrograde it becomes more powerful and its qualities more significant. This is an ideal time for deep research and investigation. Also, a great time to learn Vedic astrology.


Capricorn or the 10th house is the highest point in the zodiac, which deals with reputation and public image, whatever planet is found here, is put on display for all to see. This is exactly what will happen with Pluto retrograde; all the corruption and buried secrets will come light like never before. This will be quite shocking. Covert operations will however increase exponentially during this time frame.

Investigations may take place relating to people in power, or individuals in the financial sector. Terrorism is also more likely. There could be problems with the real estate markets.


On June 11, Pluto and Mars in Aries make an exact square, this is highly intense and explosive. This is the classic aspect for murders, attacks, and war. At a personal level, psychological abuse and STI’s are common under this configuration (especially in relationship astrology; synastry).

Avoid conflict the days leading up to this aspect especially.


On September 4, there will be a quincunx between Mars in Gemini and Pluto Retrograde, this is indicative of accidents, ill health, and once again violence. (I keep repeating the same things because this is what the planets are indicating).

May and June are very high risk for potential big attacks, and not just in the countries at war, but other countries too, like the US for instance. It is advised to lay low as best you can avoid big crowds.


At a personal level, there are many things to consider. When retrograde Pluto brings up a lot of repressed emotions and shadows as Carl Jung would say, this is a fantastic time for shadow exercises and work. Also, control & manipulation issues are most likely to arise in others and in us too, so beware of that. And finally, you may unravel some buried secret in your own personal life during this period, or some profound unknown fact within yourself.  


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