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Pitru Paksha Full Moon in Pisces 09/29

The full Moon takes place on September 29 at 5:57 am EST in sidereal Pisces at almost 12 degrees of Uttara Bhadrapada.

This brings in new awareness and answers. Deep seated emotions are flaring up right now, its important to connect to them and acknowledge them. Intense nostalgia may occupy your mind and heart, pay attention to what needs healing. This is a time of letting go and release, making peace with the past and allowing new beginnings.

The full Moon coincides with the first day of Pitru Pasksha, a time to honour our ancestors and our loved ones who have departed. This is a time to make peace with our past related to them, to make an offering, to honour them and remember them on this special day and on the following days, as this special celebration lasts until October 14, which happens to be the day of the Ketu Solar eclipse in the opposite sign of Virgo. Pisces has a lot to do with forgiveness and releasing unhealthy emotions, this is an opportune time for that

The astronomical Vedic star Uttara Bhadrapada is an intense one, ruled by the deity called Ahir-budhnya. Ahi means serpent and budhnam means bottom, hence the serpent of the bottom or the serpent of the deep, relating to kundalini energy and making this full Moon a profoundly transformative one, full of cosmic wisdom. Uttara Bhadrapada is known as the “warrior star” as its symbol is a sword, which cuts through ignorance and offers immense spiritual growth. It is also referred to as a cloud serpent, depicting its watery nature causing rain and storms (literally and metaphorically) connected to watery Pisces.

The Sun is conjunct Mars in Virgo adding intensity to the full Moon. Mars is getting ready to quincunx Uranus at 28 degrees on Sept 30, this is a day to be cautious, actually the day before as well.


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