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New Moon in Libra 11/13 (Triumph over darkness!)

The new Moon takes place on November 13 (4:27 am EST) in the sign of relationships and agreements, Libra, at 26 degrees of the Vedic star Vishakha. It is closely conjunct Mars, and exactly opposed Uranus. We can expect unforeseen circumstances, but also important breakthroughs in our personal lives. Mars is currently combust and as such will behave impulsively and with excess anger, beware of this tendency and try to transmute this fiery energy into higher purposes.

This new Moon is a fantastic time to cut away ties, any bad habits, negative thoughts/outlooks on life and make important positive life changes once and for all, especially in the area of relationships. You may want to let go of whatever is holding you down and interfering with your progress.

Vishakha is the star of purpose, and as such we must be certain of what we want in life and what path we desire to take, otherwise uncertainty and passivity will lead us nowhere.

And so, this is a great new Moon to start planting seeds and start working consistently towards our goals, as Vishakha promises long term success. We have a lot of Sun (light) related nakshatras on this Aries-Libra axis currently, Rahu is in Ashwini which is ruled by the Ashwin twins who are the sons of the Sun, Uranus is in Krittika ruled by Agni the Sun deity, Jupiter is in Bharani ruled by Yama who is also the son of the Sun (Surya), while in Libra the Sun, Moon and Mars are all in Vishakha, ruled by two Sun gods, Indra and Agni who defeat darkness with their light, which is the theme for the month ahead. This is a month when we'll receive important revelations and experience awakenings in the areas of love, relationships and how we interact with others. It's a month of inner purification and awareness mainly.

The new Moon sets off the beautiful Indian festival called Diwali, which highlights the triumph of light over darkness and ignorance!


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