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New Moon in Leo 09/14/2023

This is a highly empowering New Moon that occurs in sidereal Leo at 27 degrees and 47 minutes of Uttara Phalguni (at 9:39 pm EST, on September 14), which gives way to positive and even successful new beginnings, as Uttara Phalguni’s power is called Chayani Shakti or prosperity giving power.

Leo relates to our creative energy, will power, and intelligence, these are 3 sublime qualities that are necessary to achieve anything in life. So whatever goal you have set for yourself, this is the time to structure it or organize your plan and implement it.

The New Moon is almost exactly trined by Uranus retrograde supporting harmonious life changes (sudden changes included), and is conjunct Mercury Retrograde that will soon go direct on the next day, which adds elements of forward energy and alignment with this new beginning ahead of us. Jupiter’s trine on this new moon gives us the support and blessings with his wisdom and divine intelligence.

Uttrara Phalguni is ruled by one of the Sun deities, Aryaman, he is said to be our friend or best friend and helper. This is the time to connect to solar energy for clarity and guidance, one way of doing this or the best way, is via the beautiful Gayatri Mantra: “Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha, Tat Savitur Varee-nyam, Bhargo DevaSya Dhimahi, Dhiyo-Yonah Prachodayat”, ideally this should be recited 108 times, either at sunrise, noon or sunset, but really you can recite it anytime.

Uttara Phalguni has a lot to do with organization, healing abilities, detailed work and spirituality. This is the time to put your long held goals into action!


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