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New Moon in Ashlesha 8/16/2023

The new moon takes place in Cancer at 29 degrees of Ashlesha, known as the “clinging star” ruled by the divine Nagas, the powerful serpentine energy of hidden knowledge and transformation! This new moon holds the power to heal but also to poison and to destroy, beware of your words, your emotional states and environment during this new month ahead.

The new moon is conjunct Venus retrograde, which is combust bringing up issues of love, relationships, self-worth, personal values, and financial matters. The new moon is squared by Uranus in Aries bringing in sudden and unexpected change in the world and our lives, especially in the home environment. New awareness and new realizations are heading our way. Uranus in Krittika shows us the need to eradicate what no longer serves us and to move into new territories, this may not be easy but is necessary.

The 29 degrees of Cancer is a critical gandanta degree, which signifies a very intense and overwhelming month ahead. Since Cancer is a water sign, the intensity relates to our emotional and psychological states, people around us including our family members may behave in erratic ways. In terms of weather, we can expect devastating rain and floods.

This new month offers immense transformation and inner growth. Cancer deals with our peace of mind and heart, which can be challenged and threated this month. Pay attention to whatever is causing this lack of harmony in your life because it’s trying to tell you something important. Look at your home & surroundings, your emotions, and way of thinking. What are you clinging to in unhealthy ways? This needs to be released and most likely will be. This month is the time to overcome our inner enemies as this is the domain of Ashlesha.

Ashlesha is ruled by Mercury, which at the time of the new moon is conjunct Mars in Leo, which can harm the nervous system and cause agitation and harsh verbal communication. Don’t take on more than you can handle and learn to ground yourself if necessary. Cancer is associated with the mother energy as well as feminine energy, it could be interesting to examine and observe how this energy is functioning in your life and within yourself this month.


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