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Mercury Transit Aries + Retrograde

Mercury is in Aries from March 31 to June 7 joining Rahu and unpredictable Uranus. This will make Mercury go haywire especially during its Retrograde phase.

Mercury turns retrograde on April 21, at 21 degrees of Bharani nakshatra to May 14 when it turns direct at 11 degrees of Ashwini. This is the same day that Jupiter enters Aries and is still in gandanta (see post on Jupiter gandanta). This is a very intense time and a hectic retrograde phase! It's important to keep things light and not overwhelm ourselves, avoiding impulsive actions and decisions is recommended.

Bharani is the star of restraint, and means bearing, depicting the need for discipline. It's a highly creative nakshatra that deals with originality and holds strong sexual energy. It is ruled by Yama the god of death who guides the souls to their appointed destination after one has died. Yama is also associated with discipline and sacrifice. This star can however create important suffering.

While Ashwini deals with quick rescue, quick action and rapid healing, as the Aswhin Kumars are the ruling deities here, the twin horseman who heal and rejuvenate those in need.

When Mercury first stations retrograde on April 21 it’ll be very close to Uranus as we can see in the chart below. This will cause unforeseen events to take place such as accidents because Mercury deals with travel and Uranus deals with airplanes (and Mars is in Mercury ruled Gemini simultaneously, in Ardra nakshatra), travels of all sorts can be problematic and disrupted. This can also affect the way we communicate caused by power shortages, hence problems with the internet and technology. One positive outcome is awakening to the truth, as Uranus is the awakener and Mercury is the messenger of the gods. All sorts of documents may be revealed on the internet and in the media with scandalous news and surprises, etc.

For sidereal Virgo Ascendants (and sidereal Moon) this can be a difficult transit as it's taking place in your 8th house and Mercury is your lagna. Be careful while traveling or lay low around this time if you can. It’s not an ideal time to travel by plane, especially on the 21st of April, the day of the station retrograde, and on the day of the station direct, May 14 (give or take a day or two).

The station retrograde occurs just 1 day after the powerful Solar eclipse in Aries, hence the eclipse energy is still very present and intense. The Moon is exactly conjunct stationary retrograde Mercury at 21 degrees and is still very dark and eclipsed at this point, which is not an ideal omen.

Rahu with Mercury increases the thinking faculty as well as our intelligence, but can overstimulate us, avoiding too much internet usage will help calm the mind. Aries is a quite impulsive sign and as such can result in hasty communication and interactions. Uranus with Mercury gives way to innovative ideas and unexpected turns of events as mentioned above. It can most definitely bring light to darkness and awaken us. We must be careful what we say and how we say it during this whole transit.

Mars and Mercury are involved in what we call a Parivartana Yoga, which is an exchange of lords, meaning the lord of one sign (planet A) occupies the sign of another lord (planet B) and the other lord (planet B) occupies the sign of the lord of planet A. This makes the two planets and signs powerfully connected to each other and the results are transferred between them, hence what occurs in Gemini is affected by what occurs in Aries, and vice versa. Make sure to read my post on Mars in Gemini.

Mercury Retrograde always brings past issues to the forefront for us to take care of or even heal. People from the past may return and enter our lives once again, usually this happens so we can fix a past issue. Being extra careful while signing any sort of document or contract during this time is highly advised, if you can wait till after the retrograde, even better. Again avoid impulsive actions and communications.

Stay safe guys and take on some sort of meditation during this eclipse season if you are so inclined and inspired, just 5 minutes a day can help.


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