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Mercury Retrograde Combust

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Mercury enters Capricorn on December 27, and goes retrograde on the 29 at 0 degrees, it then retrogrades back into Sagittarius on the 30 of December and remains retrograde until January 18.

During most of its retrograde Mercury will be combust affecting communication, travel and even health. There can be some important disruption between the 15 and 19 of January as Mercury and Mars will be in a 6/8 position form each other, which is an unfavorable aspect. Mars will be at 14 degrees of Taurus almost exactly opposite Antares in Scorpio which can produce important power struggles, an escalation in war and anger. Also severe weather will continue to take place as Mars approaches 15 degrees in sidereal Taurus.

Be cautious during those dates, take care of yourself and be prudent while travelling. Health can be of concern for sidereal Gemini’s and Virgo’s (Ascendant’s and Moon’s).

The ego can get in the way while communicating with others, more arguments and conflict can be experienced. I would advise against signing important documents or contracts during the combustion especially, unless you have no other choice, just be extra cautious reading the fine print.

January 7th is the day of the exact conjunction and combustion of Mercury and the Sun, which is called cazimi in western astrology, which is said to be quite fortunate. This cazimi especially can be very favorable for learning, starting a new course, or receiving important insight, be sure to meditate on this day if you feel inspired to.

Mercury remains in Sagittarius until the 6 of February 2023.

Mercury is inspired to learn and grown in this sign of expansion and higher wisdom. It also wants to communicate what it has learned and speak of spiritual or religious matters. This could be a time where some of you may return to your previous belief system or want to enlarge your new one. Many times during the Mercury Retrograde people from the past return in our lives again.

Whatever the case may be, the transit of Mercury, the messenger of God, in Sagittarius gives great opportunity for new life lessons. Pay attention.

December 29, the day Mercury turns retrograde at 0 degrees, it'll be in planetary war with Venus in UttaraAshadha, this war is just one day, yet we'll need to pay attention in our relationships and with our finances. Some amnoucement in the goverments may transpire following this planetary war.


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