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Full Moon in Taurus 11/27

The full Moon occurs on November 27, at 10 degrees of Rohini, the Vedic star consumed with desires, in sidereal Taurus.

As the Moon grows in light and gets fuller, we may feel a lot more emotional and prone to anger, as Mars in Scorpio makes an opposition to the full Moon, adding intensity and passion, while Saturn in Aquarius squares the Moon, bringing up frustration, pressure, and discomfort. This creates a T-square, with Saturn at the midpoint between the Moon and Mars and squaring both, this is quite challenging for the world and the wars going on. With all this intense energy in 3 fixed signs, a breaking point will most likely occur.

Full Moon’s are culminations of energy, they bring things to light and to our awareness or consciousness, as the Sun represents full consciousness, so pay attention with this one especially. Rohini is a highly fertile and creative Vedic star that is full of desires, and that is growth and prosperity minded, yet this energy is temporarily blocked by Saturn, which will produce frustration. The key is patience and letting go of resistance.

When Saturn blocks us, it simply means that the timing is off, and that we need to prepare ourselves better before moving forward.

The dispositor of the full Moon, Venus, is debilitated in Virgo at this time, in citra ruled by Mars , hence problems in relationships continue but not for long as Venus will enter its Mulatrikona sign, Libra, on November 29. We’ll have the opportunity to heal relationships and enjoy socializing with loved ones more. Before Venus leaves Virgo on the 29th, it will conjunct Ketu in Virgo for a while on that day, this brings up past life karmas related to relationships for us to heal. More on Venus in Libra next.


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