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Full Moon in Gemini - 22 degrees Punarvasu

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

The first full Moon of the year takes place in sidereal Gemini in the sidereal sky at 22 degrees of Punarvasu on January 6, at 6:09 pm EST.

The full moon is opposed by its dispositor Mercury, which is Retrograde, doubling the theme of going back to, or returning to something and making it better or whole, as Punarvasu is the star of renewal and restoration, which represents the return to inspiration, strength and especially to the light.

This is a healing full Moon depicted by the fruitful Mother Goddess Aditi (the mother of all the gods) who is a source of harmonizing energy, and wisdom.

Punarvasu ruled by Jupiter imparts not only insight, but also abundance, expansion, and creativity. This is a time to think about the improvements we can make in our lives for the new year ahead and the seeds we want to plant for the future, as well as creating inner and outer harmony most importantly.

Mercury goes direct on January 18.


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