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December 2023 Forecast

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

This is an overview of December to help you plan your month. It’s an intense month with lots of planets in the gandanta region including Mercury retrograde, Mars and Sun. And a few quincunxes as well to watch out for. We need to strengthen our health now, especially if you’re a Gemini or Virgo ascendant. (For Venus aspects, please refer to the Venus in Libra post, the previous one).

December 1

Sun conjunct Antares at 15 degrees of Scorpio. This is a star of power, success, war & destruction, and dominance. Many powerful leaders have this star in their chart. If you’re born on this day or on the 2nd, then your Sun is conjunct Antares. Things can get heated in the world.

December 3

Mars quincunx Jupiter at 12 degrees. This isn’t a good aspect. Can produce accidents of all sorts and sudden upheavals. Not a good day for surgery.

December 4

Moon opposite Saturn, this adds seriousness to the day. Good day to get organized and stick to your routine & responsibilities. The energy can be a bit depressing or sobering. Reality may hit us in one way or another.

December 7

Mercury trine Jupiter is an excellent day for travel, good for communication, excellent for studying and absorbing a new subject. Great for meditation and reading spiritual books. The mind is clear, we can make good decisions.

December 7

Mars conjunct Antares (the heart of the scopion) at 15 degrees in Scorpio. This produces volatile energy in the world, anger, and retaliation. More on this soon.

December 12

New Moon in Scorpio at 26 degrees Jyestha, conjunct Mars, quincunx Uranus. Very intense new moon that may bring danger to the world.

December 13

Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius at 14 degrees, (to January 1st, in Sagittarius and Scorpio), Mercury will be in gandanta during this time. It affects health, travel, and communication of all sorts.

December 14

Sun trine Rahu at 28 degrees. Sun and Rahu both in gandanta. There are some profound karmic implications with this aspect, yet the energies are working together and not at cross purposes.

December 15 & 16

Sun in Scorpio, gandanta 29 degrees of Jyestha.

Sun in Sagittarius gandanta at 0 degrees of Mula.

This is a difficult time of disturbed energy. Not good for starting anything new.

December 21

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio at 25 degrees quincunx Uranus in Aries. Disturbing and upsetting information may arise. Possible health complications will arise in the world. Travel is not advised.

Also on this day, Mars quincunx Uranus at 25 degrees, this is an accident prone day, so be prudent.

December 23

Venus quincunx Rahu at 28 degrees. Venus rules vehicles, hence, there could be travel complications. Avoid staring a travel journey on this day. Relationship issues may arise and cause misalignment.

December 26

Mercury and Mars gandanta.

Mercury gandanta at 0 degrees of Sagittarius, plus square Neptune at 0 degrees. This is an overwhelming and confusing time when truth is not being told. Communication and information are incorrect, and not very clear at all. Mercury rules health, so it’s a bad day for diagnosis, you may be given the wrong one. Not good for surgery or signing any sort of contract.

Mars is gandanta at 29 degrees of Jyestha in Scorpio.

Also, the Full Moon is on this day at 10 degrees and 46 minutes of Ardra, while the Sun is in Mula, this is a difficult axis that can bring unfortunate events or sadness. Mercury (dispositor of the moon) is at the critical 1 degrees of Mula conjunct the Sun, this causes disturbed energy in the world, and is overwhelming as Mercury is also Retrograde. Miscommunication and health issues arise.

December 27

Mars enters Sagittarius and is at 0-degree gandanta exactly conjunct Mercury Retrograde, this is a planetary war in a difficult karmic degree. Avoid confrontations of any sort, as well as surgery.

December 29

Mercury retrograde in gandanta at 29 degrees of Scorpio. Those ruled by Gemini and Virgo will feel this energy the most. Take care of your health as much as possible during the month of December and before the retrograde starts. This is overwhelming energy, with communication and health problems. More on this soon,


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