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April 2024 Astrology Highlights

Updated: Apr 15


April is an important month full of astrological events. We start the month with Mercury turning retrograde in Aries and then going backwards into Pisces where it finishes its retrograde phase. It will be in gandanta, meaning in the junction between water and fire signs/degrees, which is the crucial karmic knot region. Communications will suffer, be careful  health concerns may arise in the coming weeks and months. s


We have the potent Total Solar eclipse in Pisces at 25 degrees Revati, this month, which is a new moon conjunct Rahu, indicating that something new will enter our lives and the world stage within the next 6 months especially. This is a time of new opportunities and directions in life. If you have any planets within 3 degrees of the eclipse, you are in for big life changes. The old must be resolved however, if we are to let the new in!

For the world, this is a chaotic time, there will be “natural” disasters involving the sea and ocean, and earthquakes or tsunamis. Pisces does rule health and the medical system along with Virgo, and so this can ignite a worldwide health crisis. Mercury is at O degrees gandanta in Aries on this day, in Aswhini which are ruled by the twin horsemen doctors, this adds to the intensity of the eclipse.

This eclipse is forming an X in southern USA by crossing the path of the last solar eclipse on August 2017, this is a difficult omen of turbulence ahead.

This new moon eclipse coincides with the vedic lunar new year chart, we use this New Moon each year to predict the world trends ahead, which will be intense! Don’t begin anything new on this day.


We have the Mars Saturn conjunction on April 10 at 20 degrees of Purva Bhadrapada, this may add violence to the world, a potential bigger war may be ignited by this aspect. This produces major restrictions, limitations, delays, and blockages. Aquarius rules us, the people and humanity, and very advanced technology. There may be some confinement of some sort.

Mars Saturn is quincunx Ketu in Virgo at this time, again we may hear of another health threat/crisis on the rise.  Avoid this day for important events, or the start of any new endeavour.


We have the much-awaited Jupiter Uranus conjunction on April 20, in Aries, at 27 degrees of Krittika, this will bring about mass awakenings worldwide. Astrology will grow exponentially through this aspect. Surprises and unexpected events will arise. The truth will arise and surprise many on various topics and discoveries. Uranus rules technology, and so innovative technologies will emerge. Aries rules the head and brain, so these technologies will relate to the skull. There are negatives with this aspect, as Krittika rules sharp tools, which can indicate weapons and violence. Also, this happens near the star Algol, (residing at 1 degree of Taurus), which is a demonic star of violence and anger or rage, more on this soon.


 Here are the important dates for the Month of April 2024:

  • April 1 to 25 Mercury Retrograde in Aries & Pisces (Turns retrograde in Aries at 3 degrees Ashwini, and direct in Pisces, at 21 degrees Revati conjunct Rahu)

  • April 8 Total Solar eclipse in Pisces, 25 degrees of Revati

  • April 10, Saturn conjunct Mars in Aquarius at 20 degrees, and quincunx Ketu in Virgo at 21

  • April 13 to May 14, Sun enters Aries (Happy birthday Aries Sun people!)

  • April 20 Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries, 27 degrees Krittika

  • April 20, exact Saturn and Ketu quincunx at 21 degrees and 27 minutes.

  • April 22 to June 1, Mars enters Pisces. Very difficult when conjunct Rahu and when in gandanta in May-June.

  • April 24 to May 18 Venus enters Aries. Passion and strife in relationships arise.

Total Solar eclipse Chart and Yearly lunar Chart (for Canada)

Jupiter Uranus conjunction chart


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