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A Retrograde Season Unlike Any Other Begins - April 2019

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

April marks the beginning of the retrograde season of the slower moving planets. However this is a very rare and unique season.

· Jupiter in Scorpio Retrogrades April 23 to August 11, 2019,

· Pluto in Sagittarius Retrogrades April 25 to October 2, 2019,

· Saturn in Sagittarius Retrogrades April 30 to September 17, 2019.

The main reason why this retrograde season is so very rare is because Ketu will be tightly conjunct Saturn during the ENTIRE retrogration, which will last 4 months and ½. This is extremely rare! I have yet to find when this has happened last. This energy will feel very different and may be a challenge to manage. There may occur some inevitable situation in your life or in the world, it is important to be aware of this and be ready to learn to ride the waves of whatever situation may pop-up. On top of it all, Pluto will also be retrograde in Sagittarius within 3-4 degree. Saturn/Ketu are both significators of past life and karma, so this could be a time where "karmic' situations unfold, this is mainly dependent on your personal current planetary period and your chart. Saturn/Ketu is conducive to endings and separations like divorce for example.

(View my previous post on Saturn/Ketu conjunction)

Jupiter the lord of Sagittarius where this triple conjunction is occurring; will also be retrograde in Scorpio. There is an exchange of energy going on here, what we call a Parivartana Yoga between Ketu and Sagittarius; Ketu is co-lord of Scorpio, while Jupiter is lord of Sagittarius, they are in each others sign and house. This will be helpful for Ketu during the entire year actually but especially during this retrogration, giving it some hope.

Jupiter in Scorpio is about facing our fears and not giving up, it is where much wisdom is gained through struggles. Jupiter will help us remain fixed and to hopefully look up. Jupiter is happy in Scorpio and does very well there generally, but it can at times expand that inner storm of Scorpio but never without providing all the necessary tools to help calm it down.

I want to include the transits of Mars in this posts because not only is it the ruler and lord of Scorpio, but it is currently in Taurus giving its full 8th aspect to the house of Sagittarius, this only intensifies everything going on in that house. Especially when Mars leaves Taurus on May 7 to enter Gemini, it will be joining Rahu, this alone is very powerful energy, it will be opposing Ketu/Saturn/Pluto. Again, very intense!

How all of this will affect you is purely dependent on your chart, yet this energy is too strong to not be felt by almost everyone. Retrograde planets hold and emit stronger energies as they are closer to the earth, making them more powerful. Saturn will start stationing on April 7, making it also very powerful.

· Do take special note that on June 13-14 the energy gets further more potent with the exact 24 degree conjunction of Mars/Rahu and Saturn/Ketu, this is just pure fierce energy, an explosive time literally and worldwide. It is advised to be very cautious, particularly while driving, or if taking trips. Watch your temper, avoid arguments. I may post about this in June.

(Mars leaves Gemini June 22.)

Good things to do during this specific season;

  • There is no greater time to study the occult, take up meditation classes or yoga

  • Good time to finish-up projects and to stick with them

  • Good time to carefully plan for whatever you want to begin after the retrograde phase

  • Taking up spiritual practices such as reciting mantras, reading ancient texts

Not advised:

Getting married or engaged, making life changing decisions, starting a new business (better to plan things for after the retrograde phase is over)


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