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The Nakshatras are a fundamental and enriching part of Jyotish or Vedic Astrology. They are astronomical portions or star groupings, and are organically linked to the sidereal zodiac and the sidereal signs. For example, the nakshatra Rohini (the red one) is the star Aldeberan, referred to as the red eye of the bull, which is in the sign of the bull, Taurus. Western astrology unfortunately places Aldeberan in the sign of Gemini. In Vedic Astrology however, the signs and the stars are part of the same portion. 

In this course, you'll learn all about the 27 Vedic portions in depth, which are also called lunar mansions because the Moon visits one nakshatra per day.

You'll learn about their profound meaning, along with their ruling deities, and their unique and compelling stories. This course is in the form of written documentation, and audio classes.

All materials (PDF files, audio files) will be delivered to your email once payment is received.

What's included in this course:


  • What are the Nakshatras, including their division in the zodiac

  • All about the 27 lunar mansions (written documentation), including a helpful Nakshatra table that I've created, the deities and their fascinating stories, the shakti (power) of each nakshatra, etc.

  • The Nakshatra groupings (deity and planetary rulership)

  • The Moon in all 27 Nakshatras will be explained (audio teaching)

  • How to use Nakshatras in your daily life, (using Nakshatras in Muhurta, auspicious timing for various life events)

  • The three gandanta regions in the zodiac will be explained in depth, which are found between water and fire signs; namely SIDEREAL Cancer/Leo (Nakshatra Ashlesha and Magha), Scorpio/Sagittarius (Nakshatra Jyestha and Mula), Pisces/Aries (Nakshatra Revati and Ashwini)

  • How to experience and know the Nakshatras personally

  • BONUS I've included various fixed stars that are quite useful in chart interpretation.

The approximate price will be around: 180 USD

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