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Venus enters Libra 11/29

Before Venus enters Libra on November 29, it conjuncts Ketu in Virgo at 29 degrees of Citra on this day. Citra is related to wealth and fame, while Ketu represents separation and loss, and so there could be an important loss in the world, someone famous could pass, it could be a woman. Another indication is that someone from the past may return, the purpose is for healing and letting go of certain things, including the past and past hurts. They could simply return in our consciousness and mind around these days, and nothing more.

Venus enters its mulatrikona sign, meaning her root (Mula) sign, or the sign she is comfortable in until December 25, which is good for all of us. Libra is an intellectual air sign that is one of the 3 social signs of the zodiac. Libra relates to relationships, diplomacy, cooperation, agreements, and negotiations. It has a lot to do with peace or peace treaties and finding balance and harmony. This is a fantastic time for socializing, for meeting new people or a potential life partner. It’s fantastic for creativity and beautifying our lives or ourselves in some way.

There are a few dates to look out for:

December 3

Venus square Pluto in Capricorn

This is an obsessive type of energy; we may think about someone a lot around these days. Or we may feel like our partner is controlling us, and it feels uncomfortable. Pluto is the higher octave of the Moon (not Mars), it can make us feel quite emotional on this day, watch your reactions.

December 7

Venus trine Saturn in Aquarius at 7 degrees, great aspect for commitment in love/relationships/partnerships and durability. Great for signing contracts. This aspect can bind two people together for a long time and create lots of harmony in love especially.

December 9

Jupiter in Aries makes an exact opposition to Venus at 12 degrees, this is a highly optimistic and fun day, full of love and healing energy. Make sure you spend this day with those you cherish most as Jupiter amplifies all the qualities of Venus in Libra. Great day for devotion to God, prayer and gratitude.

December 11

Venus sextile Mercury in Sagittarius at 14 degrees, great aspect for writing poetry, for cooperation in love and socializing. Interpersonal skills are easy, relationships are pleasant and agreeable.

December 20

Venus opposite Uranus in Aries at 25 degrees

There’s an important lack of cooperation on this day and a sudden desire for freedom & rebellion. This energy is disruptive for love and relationships and can cause breakups and terminations of contracts. The positives are sudden creative or artistic ideas especially since Uranus is in Venus rules Bharani.


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