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Triple Retrograde May 2020 +Truth Comes out Covid 19

Next month we’ll have Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus going retrograde.

When planets are retro, they are much closer to the earth and as such their energy is amplified in relation to the earth. This is an internal type of energy that requires us to step back and re-think things, instead of moving forward.

This time around however, things will be more intense since we are still under Kala Sarpa Yoga (all the planets are between rahu and ketu making things more “karmic” and powerful). We will come out of it in July when the Sun enters sidereal Cancer (around July 17).

It’s a time to reflect, review, readjust, slow down and not make any big changes or rush into anything, the consequences may be major in some cases, since most of these planets are slow moving planets impacting us on the long term.

· Saturn will go retrograde first in Capricorn on May 11 until September 28,

· then Venus on May 13 in Taurus until June 21,

· followed by Jupiter in Capricorn on May 14 until June 29, then Jupiter goes back into Sagittarius and will remain retrograde until September 12.

· (Pluto actually went Retrograde in Capricorn on April 26, and it will be until June 29. Then it goes into Sagittarius. More on this in the next article)

Before a planet goes retrograde it will go stationary, meaning it slows down and parks first, then it will go retrograde, this is the most crucial time since the energy of the planet is amplified. Those that may feel its effects will be those with planets at the same degrees of a retro planet.

Important to note that Saturn, Jupiter & Venus play major roles in the economy and the worlds infrastructure. Also these retrogrations are happening in Earth signs which all have to do with the material world and money. We may see deeper hits on the financial worlds.

We’ll see some sort of relief from this whole corona virus by mid September when the South Node leaves the constellation of Mula (which signifies devastation and destruction). Until then, lots of restructuring will take place. Other issues may surface during this retrograde season that the world will need to handle. (Rahu Leaves Ardra on May 20)

There is an awakening currently happening surrounding Covid19. Things are just not adding up and people are noticing, many doctors, nurses and other people have taken note and are speaking out. Pluto also being retrograde will create major uncovering’s as people look deeper into things, new whistle-blowers will emerge even in the government. We are heading towards major changes that will lead us to a better world in the next few years. We may not see it now but these things need to happen before a new and better world arrives.

Another really interesting thing is while this whole retrograde season is happening, Mars will be joining Neptune in Aquarius (again remember we are in kala sarpa yoga – things are more potent!) The exact conjunction will be June 13. This is conducive to awakenings and things being brought to light. The lord of Aquarius is Saturn and he is in Capricorn retrograde signifying that revelation about those higher placed in society will come to light.

We are absolutely not being told the truth about this virus, but the truth will eventually reach everyone on this earth. I encourage you to do some research during this season of retrograde. Stay safe !


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