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The Sun moves into Taurus May 14 to June 15 - Feels good

Happy solar return to all Taurus sun sign’s out there! The Sun does very well in Taurus, especially during these very intense times, we need a little grounding and fixed energy as well as a little pampering, and we will have it for the next month.

Gemini Sun’s may feel a little tired because the Sun is residing in the 12th from Gemini. So do not overwork or overthink too much this month and don’t take on more than you can handle.

All of us may find ourselves buying more Venusian things this month such as expensive wines & food, clothing, art, etc. You may feel like beautifying yourself more than usual, go for it and enjoy. We need this energy now more than ever with all the fierce and low-spirited energy in the air due to Saturn Retrograde tightly conjunct Ketu, and Mars-Rahu.

Be as positive as possible and think about things you really enjoy, focus on that. Buy that new designer dress, those gold earrings, that new car even, maybe? Treat yourself to some exotic food. Really try to enjoy the next month as much as possible, focusing on wellness as much as you can. Just don’t overspend too much!

Taurus is the natural 2nd house of the zodiac, it is about our values, our earnings and wealth, the capacity to gain money. The stock market is represented by the sign of Taurus and that is why they have chosen the Bull as their symbol, because of its milk representing money and wealth (liquid asset). The 2nd house also represents our immediate family and the environment we enter right after our birth. From the second house we can see the type of food one enjoys eating, as well as the type of speech and voice one has. Facial beauty can be seen here as well.

The 2nd house is ruled by Venus which represents sensuality, femininity, beauty, art, love, relationships, material things, pleasures of the senses, sex, devotion, etc..


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