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SuperMoon in Aquarius 8/30/2023

The full Moon occurs in Aquarius at 13 degrees of the Vedic star Shatabishak on August 30, at 9:36 pm EST. It is conjunct Saturn, adding heaviness and soberness to this second and last powerful Supermoon of the month.

Shatabishak is referred to as the one hundred stars and one hundred physicians, relating to astrology, astronomy, and healing or the necessity of one hundred doctors to heal a difficult illness. Interestingly, Varuna the ruling deity, is said to be the one who inflicts illness and to also be the one to remove it or heal it. Varuna is the god of the waters and rain, which is depicted by the symbol of Aquarius; a man holding a pitcher of water. This water heals, rejuvenates, and nourishes humanity. People with this nakshatra in their chart can be natural healers or mystical healers.

This powerful Supermoon can give rise to healing modalities or it can give us the wisdom necessary to heal ourselves, although it may take time and consistent effort to heal because of Saturn’s conjunction.

The conjunction with Saturn, the lord of karma, depicts important repercussions in the world, as Varuna is the lord of sin, debt, judgement and dharmic values or laws. Saturn rules the government and government officials, while the Sun in the opposite sign, Leo, rules leaders. The consequences may involve leaders and officials in, and affiliated with, the government, such as individuals and corporations in the medical system for instance.

Shatabishak is a highly karmic star that deals with crisis and is made of extremes, which produces profound wisdom and insight. The metaphysical world and the occult are seen here, as well as kundalini energy and its awakening, as Shatabishak is ruled by the head of the serpent, Rahu.

This supermoon has the power to reveal hidden secrets and even scandals in both our personal lives and in the world, as Shatabishak deals with concealment, while full Moon's are always revelatory, especially in Shatabishak.


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