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Saturn Retrograde for all Ascendants (Aries to Virgo)

This is for sidereal Ascendants and Moon signs, and not for the tropical western system of astrology.

· For Aries Ascendants the retrograde takes place in your 11th house of networking, desires, wishes, and older siblings. This may be a time of healing for your eldest sibling, they may undergo some medical treatment, or they may need your help. In terms of your social life and close acquaintances, this may be a time when you reconsider your connections and friendships. Saturn also rules your 10th house of career and social status, this area of life will need some attention and more effort. Make sure you plan and strategize for your future desires and wishes to come true. The 11th house deals with recognition and financial gains, these areas could become limited at this time.

· For Taurus Ascendants, the retrograde occurs in your 10th house of career, this is a time of payback, rewards for all your efforts in regards to your career. If you haven’t done the work, there can be some important set backs, a change in status maybe. If this is the case, then it's time to catch up and organize yourself. There may be some change of heart in regard to your career. Saturn also rules your 9th house of spirituality, personal beliefs, learning, travel, teaching and your father. These areas of life will be an important focus during the retrograde. Perhaps some new personal of spiritual beliefs will lead you on a different career path. If you are interested in teaching or learning, this is the time to invest time and energy in bettering yourself and your career.

· For Gemini Ascendants, the retrograde happens in the 9th house, this deals with your father and personal beliefs whether spiritual, religious, or general beliefs, as well as learning or teaching, and travel. There may be some karmic issues regarding your father during this time. He may undergo financial struggles as Saturn also rules the 8th house of money, transformation, crisis, and sudden reversals. Perhaps you need to set boundaries with him. Make sure you maintain a humble relationship with your father regardless. Maybe his health will need attention. Your beliefs may deepen at this time as you learn new philosophies & new truths. Financial matters may need attention and restructuring in your life right now. Maintaining a spiritual routine will be of upmost benefit right now, or taking spiritual or esoteric courses and classes.

· For Cancer Ascendants, this occurs in your 8th house of sudden reversals, deep transformation, and other people’s money. This could be a time when finances are blocked, or a source of income becomes limited. Your life may undergo important changes. Saturn is the lord of your 7th house of relationships and marriage; this could be a trying time in this area. Your marriage or relationship may undergo important transformation. You may also want to reconsider your personal boundaries or set new boundaries. Be prudent during this time. Spiritual practices will help you.

· For Leo ascendants, the retrograde is in your 7th house. Relationships can suffer, this is a good time to instill boundaries in your life, and whoever does not honor them needs to become of less importance in your life. Legal issues may arise, your marriage may become a source of worry and problems, Saturn also rules your 6th house of health issues, problems of all sorts and enemies. Make sure you are protected legally if necessary. Be careful who you trust in general, make wise decisions weighing the pros and cons carefully. Taking care of your health will be of upmost importance as Saturn is directly opposite your ascendant, which is your physical body.

· For Virgo Ascendants, the retrograde is in your 6th house. This is all about health and healing. Make sure you are on top of that. This is the time to reconsider your daily habits, your diet, your routine. Lots of changes and adjustments need to take place in your life. Debt can be an issue as well, make sure you take care of it. Look into holistic modalities of healing if you are interested. Your work may require more time and attention than usual. Saturn also rules your 5th house of children, they may need more attention.


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