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Saturn goes direct September 6, 2018 – Breaking away from unhealthy patterns

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Saturn has been Retrograde in sidereal Sagittarius since April 17, 2018. It will be going direct on September 6, 2018. Soon we can begin to exhale a little bit more and advance in our projects with the lessons learned.

I like to say that Saturn places a mirror before our face. Whether we choose to look in that mirror or not is another story, but Saturn will keep doing so until we face that mirror and realize what changes we need to make to improve our lives.

If we are self-aware naturally the lessons of Saturn will be more obvious to us during a Retrograde period. Perhaps we need to be more organized, truer to ourselves, or be more responsible. Maybe we just need to learn to accept the reality of certain tough situations and learn how to deal with them as best we can.

One thing is for sure, it is time to get rid of unhealthy habits and patterns. Things which aren’t serving our greater good need to go. Maybe we need to let go of certain people, like gurus or teachers (Jupiter signifies gurus, teachers and lessons, learning, wisdom). We may need to change careers or leave an unhappy job. The main question and essence of Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius, and especially in Mula Nakshatra is “What is blocking my advancement” and also “How can I overcome these obstacles”.

If you're a Sagittarius ascendant or Moon, then you are feeling Saturn's energy more heavily. If your moon is here then this is the peak of sade sati for you, and you may feel depressed, tired, blocked, stagnant, or on the other hand, this could be a time of great achievement in your life with much responsibilities.

With this transit we may have had interesting spiritual revelations due to the Vedic star Mula (Saturn will remain in Mula Nakshatra until November 26, 2018). Mula is a very special star connected to divine wisdom and is near the galactic center of the universe, where it is said that there are rays of another sun emitting divine intelligence upon earth and humanity. And so you may have been diving deep into spiritual & esoteric matters during Saturn's retrograde phase. Maybe you have been made aware of your own inner blockages, as mula deals with obstacles both inner and outer.

Certain unnecessary inner parts of you may have been destroyed and are now being renewed slowly, as Nirriti is the goddess of destruction and is found here in Mula.

By the way we did have an intense 2018 summer with three powerful eclipses in one lunar month. And most planets were also Retrograde. it’s been one hell of a ride for many. (I can personally vouch for that!), but soon we can begin to exhale a little and take charge of what needs to be done.

Saturn aspects the 3rd house from itself, the 10th house from itself and the 7th house from itself. These are the areas in your life that will be influenced by Saturn transits. Saturn will remain in sidereal Sagittarius until January 24th , 2020.


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