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Regenerating Lunar Eclipse in sidereal Gemini on January 10, 2020

This is the first eclipse of 2020 (there will be six in total this year!).

This eclipse is happening on January 10th at 25 degrees of sidereal Gemini at 2:20 pm Eastern Standard Time.

This is an eclipse of hope, of the return of the light. After what has transpired in Australia with all the fires, and other recent tragedies following the Solar eclipse of last month (Dec 26, 2019), this upcoming lunar eclipse is letting us know that healing is available and well on its way.

It is taking place in Punarvasu lunar mansion, represented by the goddess of renewal. She is called Aditi and is the mother of the Sun Gods, she promises the return of wholeness. She is said to require purity in order for us to have her restoration and much needed recovery. This is a very promising eclipse, as long as we are true to ourselves and toward others.

Aditi represents the divine mother who nurtures and helps make whole. Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter and as such is the giver of wisdom and information.

The eclipse is happening in Gemini which is all about information and communication, as such we may get important communication upgrades in the future relating to the internet or technology at large. We may also find out about some hidden information. Perhaps life changing information, or life changing technology upgrades.

On a more spiritual level, the hours before this very powerful eclipse it is advisable to meditate, pray, recite mantras or any act of devotion of your choice, because it will be magnified and be that much more potent.

Remember that eclipses are not a time to outdo ourselves or make big changes, they are a time to rest, meditate, eat light and easily-digestible foods.

Exactly opposite the moon in Gemini is its ruler in Sagittarius, Mercury, at also 25 degrees, it is evidently combust and thus loses its strength. I would advice to be extra careful with communications and technology in general. Mercury rules people may feel exhausted, so just take it easy and try to rest more than usual.

Also opposite the full Moon and very close in degree are Saturn and Pluto both at 28 degrees, these are very powerful energies, which usually create a crumbling down of some sort (Pluto), requiring an important restructuring (Saturn). This can manifest as a major event in society.

Also opposite the bright and full Moon is of course the Sun giving its light to the Moon. The Sun will be in PurvaAshadha, (as well as Mercury and Jupiter).

This lunar mansion is represented by Apas which is the goddess of Waters, embodying consciousness. This is a lunar mansion of purification and cleansing, of victory and even of love because it is ruled by Venus.

The effects of this eclipse can manifest anytime within a three to six-month period. If you are a Gemini Ascendant, Sun or Moon and you are close to the degrees of this eclipse (25 degrees), then take it easy, take care of yourself because there are too many energies involved. If you are runnin g a Mercury Mahadasha, or Rahu, Ketu or even Moon, you also may be more impacted, taking it easy the next few weeks is advisible and evidently on the day of the eclipse.

Let’s not forget Rahu (the reason for eclipses!), conjunct Moon, at 15 degrees. Rahu in Ardra can certainly add some calamity to the mix, as it is represented by Rudra, the God of the Storms, portraying disasters, rain and tears alike, and sadness.

2020 is a year of complete change in governments at large and technology no doubt, important secrets may come out as well and our consciousness will expand even more because of it all, which is what is needed and where we are all headed collectively.

Keep in mind that eclipses make the earth tremble and shake, so earthquakes are not out of the equation.


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