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Rahu Lunar Eclipse in Aries 10/28

As the Moon grows in light, we may feel more agitated, restless and in this case, there may be anger rising within us or the people around us, as the Lunar eclipse occurs in fiery and impulsive Aries conjunct Rahu, Jupiter, and Uranus.

The eclipse takes place at almost 11 degrees of the Vedic star called Ashwini, on October 28, between 4:52 pm and 5:39 pm EST.

In the opposing sign of Libra, we have a debilitated Sun conjunct Ketu, Mars, and Mercury. Both Mars and Mercury are combust, and tightly conjunct, indicating strife, tension, and miscommunication, there could be issues with transport and travelling as well. Jupiter is exactly opposite Mars at 17 degrees amplifying the Mars/Mercury energy. Mars travels closely with the Sun and is combust (invisible in the sky) until January 2024 which can be indicative of major world wide problems. More on this next.

The Sun, Mars and Mercury all sit in the Vedic star Swati with Vayu as its ruling deity, which is the god of the wind, prana, perpetual movement, and rapidity, while the Moon and Rahu sit in Ashwini, also related to prana and speediness of action. This indicates fast occurring events or escalating events in the world. We will need to slow down in our own lives and take deep breaths.

The ruling deities of Ashwini are the Ashwin Kumaras, the twin horseman born from the two nostrils of their mother. They relate to harmony, pranic energy and restoration or rejuvenation. They are the healers of the gods. So maybe consider your breath during this time and how it affects your energy body and levels, as right breathing harmonizes internal life force and oxygenates our body and cells.

Ashwini relates to medical emergencies as the twin horsemen are the physicians to the gods and mankind alike, they swiftly run to the rescue of those in need. It is said that they are the first ones to hear us when we seek divine help. This is a time when the healing energy is strong and available and even miraculous.

With Rahu at 0 degrees of gandanta until the end of November, things are extremely chaotic in the world. If you have planets near 11 degrees or 0 degrees of sidereal Aries or Libra, it is important to not make rash decisions currently, and to slow down and think things through. Using breathing techniques such as slowly breathing in and out from the nose may be helpful or practicing informed pranayama.

The triple conjunction of Ketu, Sun and Mars is indicative of violence, and danger for leaders, as well as relationship problems. People are more likely to demonstrate hostility and agitation around lunar eclipses and even violence as this is not an auspicious time, nor is it recommend looking at the Eclipse as its effects aren’t good.

Pluto is still squaring both nodes, which causes considerate amounts of psychological stress and distress. Pluto rules atomic weapons, covert control or manipulation and crisis's. This is pretty much what is going on with the middle eastern war right now. Don't think that we are being told the truth, because we are really not.

The positives? Important revelations, clarity and answers may be received at this time, and as mentioned before the healing energy is amplified, so ask for guidance or help and you shall receive perhaps a miracle even. Also we may get the necessary push needed to push through stagnant energy in our lives right now. Let's pray for world peace as things are not looking good in the upcoming weeks and months.


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