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Nodal Axis Change and Saturn Conjunct Ketu 2019 – (a year of a million questions & revelations)

The nodal axis (Rahu/Ketu) has changed on March 7th, with Rahu going into Gemini and Ketu going into Sagittarius. The nodes will remain in these constellations for about 18 months, until September 23, 2020 (EST).

Saturn has been in Sagittarius since November 26, 2017 and will remain there until early January 2020. Hence Saturn and Ketu will be conjunct in sidereal Sagittarius for this entire year of 2019.

Lets first look at the Nodes and their respective transits for the next 18 months.

Rahu in Gemini will be obsessed with information, exploration, enquiry, communication, writing, technology and commerce, since Gemini is ruled by the planet of the merchant, the communicator and the intellect; Mercury. What is sadly often forgotten is that Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, it holds tremendous capability to connect with the divine and communicate its messages. Mercury is called Buddha in Sanskrit, which comes from the word “buddhi” which is the faculty which has the power to distinguish truth form falsehood, or the faculty of discernment. The stronger Mercury is in one’s chart, the more one has the ability for accurate discernment.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, making this transit of Rahu very Vata since Rahu is also Vata in nature. Vata is a very airy and cold energy which needs grounding, stabilizing and warmth, or else one will move into two different directions at once and get confused. Scattering one’s energy is the main side-effect of Vata. Nervous energy is likely here. However, if this energy is used beneficially, a great deal can be achieved this year because Rahu in Gemini does very well generally, depending on one’s own chart. It can give great achievements, power and success, it is however more inclined towards external fulfillment as opposed to internal fulfillment. If Gemini is your ascendant or you have prominent planets here such as Sun, Moon and Mercury, and especially Rahu, you will feel the Vata energy more powerfully. Even people with other planets may feel it.

On to Ketu, which is always placed opposite Rahu.

Ketu in the sign of Sagittarius makes for one heck of a powerful, transformative and spiritually inclined transit.

Ketu is naturally intensely turned within, detached from the world, internalizing its energy and seeking deep spiritual truths and especially Moksha (liberation). While Sagittarius, another mutable sign like Gemini, is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter which is all about following the right path or our dharma in life. It is about our belief system, higher wisdom, seeking the divine, knowing and standing for what is “right”. Jupiter expands everything, our opinions, our views and our beliefs are all expanded and made bigger and felt with great passion.

And so Ketu in Sagittarius is an explosion of spiritual fire which has the potential to give deep inner spiritual transformation this year. But it can also result in religious crisis’s around the world or attacks based on religious beliefs. When the tragedy of 9/11 occurred, the nodal axis was in the same placement as it is now, although not in the same lunar constellations.

Now adding Saturn to the mix, which has been in Sagittarius for a little over one year already, can make things a little bit more complex.

Saturn is a planet of form, materializing things, working hard and achieving material, social and career success. It is a planet that forces you to do all the little things which you’ve been avoiding, it demands (yes it doesn’t really ask) organization and a daily rigorous routine, or else life will be full of havoc. Saturn usually removes things and people from our lives, making us face the harsh reality of life. It brings delays in our lives, in marriage, children, etc. Saturn wants to to be consistent and do things the right way which requires a lot of time, Saturn is the planet of time, of karma as well.

Saturn is the planet which brings sorrow, pain, darkness and for this reason Saturn is, in my opinion and in most astrologer’s opinion, the most spiritual planet of them all, yes even greater than Jupiter, dare I say.

The wisdom of Saturn is unique and different than Jupiter. Jupiter will bless you and shower you with abundance, regardless of who you are or what you’ve done.

On the other hand, Saturn will take away from you and make sure to give you your karma on a silver platter, teaching you that nothing is really yours in reality, nothing belongs to you, and that all is an illusion in this life. Saturn gives us the harsh truths of life and existence, its wisdom comes from death, sickness and darkness, its gloomy but true. Saturn rewards only hard work and work that is true to who we are, it helps us set important boundaries in life as well. Saturn is that part of our existence that most people fear and want to avoid, and is greatly feared in India by many. But there is no need to fear, which is another important and deeper lesson from Saturn. (By the way, Saturn matures after 36, important lessons manifest in our life during this time, and this is when a person is said to be a true mature adult.)

Saturn is simply realistic, will show you your flaws, what you need to correct and change, the hard work that needs to be done. Once you comply with Saturn, the results can be extraordinary, success and high achievement is usually the outcome. Saturn will make you work hard and will only reward you according to your hard work, which is satisfying. He will recompense all of our works, good and bad.

So now let’s put Saturn and Ketu together in Sagittarius. This is not an easy combination by any means, Ketu has a tendency to criticize just like Saturn, and so this is a time of great self-revelation, Saturn and Ketu will reveal many life changing things according to our ascendant and chart. Saturn will say “work hard and you will be rewarded” while Ketu will say “detach from the reward”, so finding the just balance is key. This is really all about our deeper values in life. It will be a year of a million questions, “Why am I doing the things that I do?” “What is the reason behind it?” “What is the purpose? “, “What is worth my time and effort?”?

There will be some great detachment and falling away from old beliefs this year. People will change religion or abandon religion all together and get into the “real truth”, which has no denomination or label. Political lies, religious lies from around the world will most likely be exposed this year as many will be expressing their findings (Gemini). Lies & secrets will be exposed this year more than ever. People will re-examine their belief system and life will seem * feel very different this year. Saturn goes retrograde on April 30th for 4 months and ½, it will be within only 1 degree of Ketu, which is exceptionally rare, intensifying all of these energies described above, this is a time to re-evaluate where our life is going and what we value. Meditation will be most rewarding this year, there is no better time than this year for studying the occult and astrology. Ketu is a separative energy. Some people may find themselves separating, divorcing, or changing friends for example.

Jupiter's rewards and support will be coming at the end of the year when it enters Sagittarius in November 2019, for one year.

· Rahu in Gemini creates an air trine, it will be giving its full 5th aspect to Libra and its 9th full aspect to Aquarius

· Ketu in Sagittarius creates a fire-trine and will be giving its 5th aspect to Aries and its 9th aspect to Leo.

· Saturn in Sagittarius aspects Aquarius, Gemini, and Virgo.


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