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New Moon in Scorpio 12/12/2023

The New Moon occurs on December 12, around 6:32 pm EST in the sign of Scorpio, at 26 degrees of Jyestha.


This is a powerful and fierce new moon conjunct Mars, ruler of Scorpio, and also a little disruptive as it is quincunx Uranus in Aries! New Moon’s are times of new beginnings and new opportunities. They indicate the energies at play during the new month from new moon to new moon. It becomes important to understand these energetic influence so we know how to utilise them in beneficial ways.


Jyestha is known as the most powerful star. It is courageous and strong but has a dangerous side to it that relates to war and deep-seated envy. Having Mars conjunct the new moon adds elements of will power, focus, and determination, but on a lower level it fosters violence and intensity.


This is the Moon’s debilitation sign, where emotions run deep and are overwhelmed by Scorpionic forces of passion, obsession, and resentment. Revenge is seen and strongly experienced in this portion of the sign (from 16 ° to 29 °59 of sidereal Scorpio). This can indeed manifest as violence in the world. As for our personal lives, we have the power to make something good of this energy and transmute it for the good of all.  We'll need to watch out for arrogance and keep the lower ego in check.


Scorpio relates to deep psychological issues and internal transformations; it is the battle ground where we are caught up between forces of darkness and of light. Indra is the deity here; he’s the victorious warrior and demon slayer! This means we have the capacity to overcome our inner demons this month!


This is a great month for profound inner reflection, as Mercury goes retrograde on the next day and is the ruler of Jyestha. Reflections on our inner demons and how we can overcome them to move towards more light and lightness of soul. What are the tangible things that we can do to transform our life this month, as will power will abound. Look at the house where the new moon occurs to get more information on the sector of life involved. This is a fantastic month to study astrology or read up on hindu mythology. Manifestation techniques can become successful during this time.


Uranus retrograde brings some important disruptions by its quincunx to the new Moon, which means sudden uncomfortable disturbances in the world. Uranus is a powerful force that most times is beyond our ability to avoid or resist, just like the other invisible planets (Neptune and Pluto). It will be more ground shaking for those with planets near the 26 ° of Scorpio and/or Aries, (give or take 3 °).


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