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New Moon in Sagittarius 1/11/2024

The first new Moon of the year occurs in Sagittarius at 26°32 of Purva Ashadha, on January 11, at 6:56 am EST.


This is an auspicious new moon with lots of good aspects going on and is the first new moon after the winter solstice, which marks new beginnings and aiming higher in life, it marks the rebirth of the Sun.


If there were a time to get back on track with our true core beliefs whether spiritual or otherwise, it is now. This is the time to plant seeds that reflect our true convictions and principles. There is a step before that however, and that is to cut through falsehoods and personal ignorance that we may be holding on to, the ones that keep us moving backwards instead of forward and upward, as Mars and Mercury are in Mula and conjunct the new Moon. Mula deals with the destruction of everything that is an illusion and not part of our true or higher self.


Jupiter aspects its own house of Sagittarius from Aries, which adds enthusiasm & opportunities, while Uranus aspects the new Moon tightly, adding surprises and unpredictability. Something pleasant or positive may suddenly enter our lives during the next 30 days.


Mars and Jupiter are in an exchange of signs, which empowers both planets and gives us much courage and willpower to move forward in our truth. Don’t be afraid of change or to start something new and improve your life, this is the time.

Saturn and Jupiter remain in a close sextile for the first 3 months of the year (until end of March), this is fantastic for new projects or to complete old ones. This energy gives our endeavours a long-lasting supportive effect and the determination needed to accomplish our goals.


Another amazing aspect is that Mars makes a sextile to Saturn and a trine to Jupiter, while Saturn and Jupiter are in a sextile, this is a wonderful aspect of luck and opportunities called bisextile. Be sure to use it to your advantage, preferably wait 2.5 days as the Moon is not auspicious while dark, so on the 12, or maximum on the 13 of January. Think about something you want to do or start related to the Sagittarius house especially, but also the houses connected to Aquarius and Aries in your chart according to your ascendant.


Sagittarius is the sign of our higher aspirations, looking up and seeing the silver lining or the bigger picture, making new resolutions, connecting to divine wisdom or intelligence. It relates to law, travel, learning and teaching, spirituality, and religion. Sagittarius is connected to truth or dhrama. This is the focus for the next 30 days. Pay attention to your gut feeling as it will be quite strong and connected to divine power during the next few weeks.


The new Moon occurs in Purva Ashadha, which is solely found in sidereal Sagittarius. This is the star of early victories, referred to as the “invincible star”. It’s ruled by Apas, the water goddesses, which have immense cleansing, purification, and healing qualities, which is why this is the opportune time to get back on track if we have veered off track on a personal level and allow the regeneration to take place. This star is strongly connected to love, God, wisdom, and grace or favor.


A difficult aspect on this day is the Sun and Moon both squaring the nodes, or at the midpoint of the nodes, this deals with the world and how there will be some karmic implications and retributions most likely at the legal level.


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