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Mercury Retrograde in Leo 8/23/2023

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Mercury goes Retrograde in Leo on August 23 at 23 degrees, then goes direct on September16, at 13 degrees, entirely in the nakshatra or Vedic star Purva Phalguni.

When planets are retrograde, they are intensified and stronger because they are closer to the earth. So it becomes important to proceed with care during this time as not everyone has the patience needed to handle this energy. It’s an ideal time for reflection, re-examination, and self inquiry, which all lead to deeper states of awareness. What we think and how we think usually changes during this time. In other words, we may have a change of mind about things or even people, so you may want to hold off on signing that contract for now.

Mercury is the planet of communication, including social media, learning and travel, but also health and our nervous & immune system, our mind or thinking faculty as well, these areas will need more attention now. Gemini and Virgo Ascendants or Moons need to watch their health and immunity, avoid straining the mind especially. Remember Mars is in Mercury ruled Virgo now, we all need to watch our health especially during Mercury's combustion from August 31 to September 12. Combustion is when the rays of the Sun overpower a planet by being too close to it, that planet loses a lot of its strength, yet there is a refinement going on by the fiery rays of the Sun that is necessary. When a planet is both retrograde and combust, that refinement by the fire is deeply felt within, or more internally intense.

Both Saturn and Jupiter are aspecting the sign of Leo, which creates a point of karmic manifestation. Look at what house sidereal Leo rules for you to see the area of life affected and the potential materialization of karma, and your desires in terms of goals.

Mercury in Leo does quite well, and is extra lucid while retrograde, this is a time when consciousness can expand greatly especially when it first stations retrograde, Uranus makes an almost exact trine that contributes to awakenings.

Leo deals with world leaders, entertainers, counselors, creativity, children, in the form of our creative projects as well, consciousness and mantras. This retrograde can be an interesting time to start a mantra practice, like a Vishnu mantra which corresponds to Mercury, or the Gayatri mantra that honors the Sun’s spiritual qualities.

Purva Phalguni is the star of procreation, which comes from the masculine and feminine energies, this is the marriage star of shiva and shakti. Rest, recuperation, enjoyment of one’s blessings, and immense creative powers are all found here. This star is about creating harmony and balance in our lives, amongst other things. With so many retrograde planets currently, we really need to create harmony in our lives, at least within ourselves, which is easier said than done, with the external chaos in the world.


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