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Mercury Combust July 4 to July 29, in Gemini and Cancer

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Mercury enters its own house in Gemini, on July 2 until the 16, but will be combust throughout its entire transit.

This combustion will affect sidereal Gemini’s and Virgo’s most, (meaning Ascendant and Moon signs especially). They will need to rest their minds and bodies more than usual during this time.

Combust planets have their innate qualities weakened by the overpowering rays of the Sun. As such, they have difficulty functioning properly.

This creates a few adverse effects such as feeling burned out, feeling overpowered by authoritative figures, feeling insecure, having low self esteem, and having issues related to the ego, such as being prideful or arrogant. The nervous system is especially affected with Mercury combust in Gemini. The lungs can also be affected.

Gemini mainly deals with movement, travel, communication, the media, learning, and health. We’ll have to be extra careful in these areas of life. If you feel tired, rest. If you need to improve your diet, do so. Communicate with kindness and travel with prudence. Not exhausting our mental faculty will be particularly important, as well as calming our nervous system.

Mercury enters Cancer on July 16 and will remain here until July 31. It will be combust until July 29.

Mercury in Cancer tends to overthink and is quite emotional. The logical “faculty” is so entangled with the emotional one, that it becomes tricky to differentiate the two. Keeping things light for now is best. Connecting to nature or mother earth will be most beneficial. Resting more as well.


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