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Mars Square Saturn 11/25

Mars and Saturn make a square on November 25 at 6 degrees and 43 minutes, this creates frustrating circumstances and obstacles to arise. You may already be feeling this energy of clashing and budding heads, or limitations and blockages. Both planets are strong in their own signs, Saturn in Aquarius, and Mars in Scorpio, and both are in fixed signs making this aspect even more upsetting. This is an anger producing aspect, so be cautious and avoid confrontation as much as possible. This isn’t the day to start anything new, nor are the few days prior and after. This aspect can be quite explosive especially since Mars is traveling very close to the Sun. It can also cause accidents. When Mars and Saturn are in hard aspect (conjunction, square, opposition) there are issues with timing, or the timing between the two planets are at odds. Mars wants to move forward but Saturn puts on the breaks temporarily, this is quite irritating. And so this isn’t a time to ask for a loan for example, or start a new venture of any sort because you’ll be met with closed doors and road blocks. The important thing is that we try to remain positive and grateful during this time and the coming weeks and months ahead.

Mars in Scorpio is powerful and produces deep transformational life events, it’s the sign of the occult, the metaphysical, crisis, sudden death, war, and power. While Saturn in Aquarius is also strong, and deals with futuristic ideologies, social issues and advancement, large groups of people, etc. The United States has its Moon at 7 degrees of Aquarius, and will be affected by this square, it can cause attacks.


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