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Last full Moon of winter in Leo, March 9, 2020 + Holi Indian Holyday

This full moon is happening at 25.29 degrees of sidereal Leo in PurvaPhalguni lunar mansion which means “fruit of the tree”, on Monday March 9, at 2:25 pm EST. A very auspicious full moon!

This full moon reminds us of our intrinsic nature and quality as human beings, which is peace, joy and specifically creativity! It coincides with the Indian holiday called Holi which celebrates the upcoming spring and is a celebration full of colors! Look it up on google because this is truly a reminder of where our focus should be, on life and all its colors.

This lunar mansion is connected to contracts, matrimony, fertility, relationships, enjoying the fruits of life and the people around us, the pleasures of creativity in all its forms. It is in fact a good time to connect with the people we love or care about and a good time to forget and forgive any hurt.

Leo is a fixed sign ruled by the sun (signifying the collective consciousness) reminding us to remain strong, stable and fixed in our minds in the midst of all the current chaos and fear of a possible corona virus pandemic. Fear is not our nature, it actually robs us from our true nature. Purvaphalguni encourages us to seek the light (also within us) rather than darkness and enjoy the beauty of life.

Leo, the sun and the 5th house are related to teachers and being a source of inspiration to others as well.

Full moons always generate more agitation, anxiety or insomnia, this full moon is especially stronger because it is bigger, thus why they call it a SuperMoon, as such the energies can be more agitated than usual.

On the lower side, there is a connection to vanity and self-centeredness in this lunar mansion as well, which can lead to qualities of narcissism. It is ruled by Venus and has to do with beauty & pleasure. On a higher level, venus is the epitome of love in all its forms.


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