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Ketu Solar Eclipse in Virgo 10/14

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

The upcoming Ketu Solar eclipse occurs in Virgo on October 14 at almost 27 degrees of chitra, it is conjunct Mercury at 22 degrees. This is a tough eclipse. Chitra is ruled by Mars and Mars becomes an important player by its conjunction with karmic node Ketu in Libra.

Mars along with the nodes are squared by Pluto, which makes things even worse by adding distress and crises at the psychological level and in the world, especially for the new war in the middle east but also for the rest of the world. Rahu being in gandanta does not help (see previous post on Rahu in gandanta). Mercury ruled natives (Ascendants and Moons in sidereal Virgo or Gemini) need to take extra care of themselves in the next 3 to 6 months at least. The eclipse in Virgo could signify a health scare worldwide. I wouldn't buy into this fear.

This is a Ketu Solar eclipse because the Sun and Moon are close to Ketu even though they are in different signs, it is an out of sign conjunction, and a partial solar eclipse.

Being a Ketu eclipse implies karmic losses and endings but also a necessity for acceptance and letting go of the past. Ketu is likened to Mars hence this conjunction creates violence and war considering all the other factors in this eclipse chart. Being in Libra implies the need for balance and harmony in our personal lives and in our relationships especially. Libra is the sign of the law and justice, which will be an important theme for the next 6 months at least.

To add fuel to the fire, Uranus retrograde in Aries makes an almost exact inconjunction (quincunx 6/8 aspect) to the solar eclipse adding sudden unexpected difficulties related to leaders. This could also imply massive earthquakes to come, or some sort of natural disaster, even important power outages. Uranus is in Kritika, ruled by Agni the fire deity, which deals with sharp tools or weapons and bluntness or “cutting to the chase“, this tells me that this war will be far worse than what we could image.

On the positive side, this gives us the opportunity for purification, which is always an intense process.

Being a Solar (New Moon) eclipse implies new beginnings, while the Vedic astronomical star chitra deals with innovation and creation, its ruling deity is Vishwakarma who is the celestial architect of the universe. This gives us the personal opportunity to be the architect of our own life with effort and actions (as Chitra is ruled by Mars). An important quality of Chitra is truth and being truthful, which imparts blessings from God or good merit or karma.

Traditionally, eclipses are inauspicious to look at and observe as they are omens of misfortune. It is advised to not begin anything new on this day or in the following 2.5 days. But really this entire eclipse month should be avoided for the start of new endeavors as eclipses darken the luminaires and in turn they darken our mind and consciousness, not to mention the intense and chaotic energy they bring, especially with this eclipse season. It is better to wait a few weeks after the lunar eclipse on October 29 to start any new project if we want auspicious results and if we want to avoid a chain of inharmonious events and hassles. It's good to know that eclipses are revelatory times in history and in our lives where darkness comes to light particularly after the lunar eclipse. So pay attention.

Best things to do on eclipse days are spiritual practices, a little meditation, prayer, mantra, or whatever best suits you.

Saturn is at a standstill (stationary) at 6 degrees for a good while before turning direct again on November 4. This energy alone brings up profound karmas in society and in the world, and even with world leaders, things aren't looking good for them at all.


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