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Karmic Knot unfolding; Jupiter Gandanta in Sagittarius March 29 to April 23, 2019.

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

The undoing of the current Karmic Knot ; Jupiter Gandanta in Sagittarius March 29 to April 23, 2019.

Jupiter entered the sign of Scorpio on October 12, 2018, however, it is currently and momentarily dipping its toes in its own house at 0 degrees sidereal Sagittarius and this for the next 3 weeks, from March 29 to April 23, 2019. After which it will return to Scorpio and continue its transit there until November 5 2019.

This portion of the zodiac between the water sign Scorpio 29 degree-Jyeshtha and the fire sign Sagittarius 3.20 degrees-Mula constellation is called the Gandanta Point in Sanskrit, it means Karmic knot or rather more literally the end of a Knot,. It's where the unfolding/undoing of the karmic knot occurs.

Mula is associated with the goddess of destruction Nirriti, she symbolizes death and rebirth, spiritually, making this a highly spiritual time when things will be undone, or a better word for this transit would be released or eradicated. People with planets or the Ascendant in the early degrees of sidereal Sagittarius will feel this the most, especially when Jupiter will retrograde, the energies will be pretty intense.

It will feel like the breaking down of a brick wall which was keeping you from going forward, this will leave shattered bricks on the floor for us to clean but then creates freedom to move forward. This process can bring up lots of emotions because there is a big energetic shift happening. It can be painful for some but it is in no way dangerous, it can be a huge blessing too but which comes with a lot of destabilizing energy. It is a small moving forward in consciousness and what is to be, ( i.e. what is to be in late 2019 when Jupiter fully enters its own house of Sagittarius).

This is also a time when new ideas, insights and revelations can flow into your mind concerning the houses that Jupiter rules in your chart, and pertaining to the things which Jupiter signify. Pay close attention.

This is a very significant short transit because not only is Jupiter gandanta but it will be joining Saturn, Ketu and Pluto.

Remember Ketu is the co-ruler of Scorpio where deep seated fear lies, deep transformation occurs from struggles and where learning healthy detachment is necessary. Scorpio is the natural 8th house of the zodiac, it is a Moksha house, a spiritual house of liberation which is attained by learning to rise above our fears, it is an occult and astrology house where things are deeply hidden. Ketu is connected to our past life, represents detachment and can show psychic powers.

Pluto is also a destructive force and connected symbolically to Shiva the destroyer which takes away all the blockages to our evolution, Pluto is said to abolish the ego.

Saturn is a planet of restriction, karma, hard work and form, materializing goals which will be long lasting.

The implication of Jupiter Gandanta joining Saturn and Ketu (the co ruler of Scorpio) in Sagittarius is one of paying close attention to what Jupiter wants to show us which are the higher spiritual blessings available.

It is almost as if Jupiter will show us all the things that we can have but there may be fear involved (Ketu) and hard work to get it (Saturn), as well as the eradication of the ego (Pluto).

A letting go of very deep seated fear (Ketu/scorpio) is necessary to advance in all the blessings of Jupiter.

Keeping a positive mind will help during this Gandanta and doing spiritual practices, pranayama (breathing excercises), meditation and mantras too. Being grounded as much as possible and being conscious of this strong energetic shifts will be useful. Focus on the good.

Jupiter is the significator of spirituality, higher learning, wisdom, wealth, children, expansion, guru/our spiritual teachers, luck. Jupiter is also the husband karaka-significator for women.

Jupiter will go retrograde in Sagittarius on April 10 until April 23. After which, it will return to Scorpio and remain retrograde in Scorpio until August 11 2019.

Retrograde phases are never a time for staring new projects or new love relationships, or a business or even getting married during retrograde planets is not advised at all. It is a time to carefully plan things and then moving forward once the planet goes direct. It is a good time for retrospection.

Jupiter retrograde gives us great opportunity to receive ideas on how to plan and implement actions in moving forward, which will bless us spiritually and materially.

Especially things which have the potential for being long lasting because Saturn signifies long periods, it also signifies form and working hard to create and achieve tangible things in life, things which will last very long, like establishing a strong career especially or long lasting relationships.

*Transiting Mars in Taurus is giving a full 8th aspect to Sagittarius, adding a little bit more intensity. (Mars entered Taurus on March 22 and will be there until to May 5, 2019).

·Jupiter Gandanta began March 15 in Scorpio, Jyestha nakshatra.

·Jupiter Gandanta in Sagittarius March 29 to April 23 in Mula, (Retrograde from April 10 to 23)

·Jupiter returns to Scorpio April 23 where it will remain Gandanta until May 8, 2019.

·Then again October 30th to November 4th, when transiting Jupiter leaves Scorpio to enter Sagittarius.

Upcoming April Retrogrades

· Jupiter retrogrades in Scorpio April 23 to August 11, 2019, (for 4 months)

· Pluto retrogrades in Sagittarius April 25

· Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius April 30 to September 17, 2019. Tightly conjunct Ketu! (for 4 months ½)


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