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Jupiter turns direct in Pisces

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Jupiter turns direct in sidereal Pisces, on November 23, at 4 degrees of Uttara Bhadrapada, which is the same day as the new moon in Scorpio, in Anuradha, implying important opportunities for growth, especially of the spiritual kind. Jupiter remains in Pisces until April 21, 2023.

Jupiter is one of those planets that teaches us to vibrate higher, to look up instead of down, to notice the silver lining in any difficulty. Vibrating higher means cultivating inner emotions of love, forgiveness, and inner peace. This isn’t about spiritual bypassing (pretending), its about doing the inner work that changes us from within. Genuine benevolent feelings and emotions are what help us develop and progress. The more we harden ourselves and our hearts through hardships, the more backwards we go.

Jupiter going direct in Pisces is a time for integrating the lessons (especially spiritual ones) we’ve learned during Jupiter’s retrograde phase. It’s one thing to acquire lessons and knowledge and another to implement them in our lives, hearts, and minds.

Jupiter in Pisces is finishing its cycle around the zodiac before starting afresh in Aries next year.

This is a great period to reflect upon past lessons and to integrate new ones. The last time Jupiter was in Pisces was from 2010 to 2011, look back upon those years and contemplate on the experiences you’ve had, with compassion especially.

Pisces is a compassionate, empathic, sensitive sign, which is connected to spiritual or higher worlds, as well as endings and new beginnings. With Jupiter here all these qualities are expanded. The quest for spiritual answers, for higher divine wisdom is enlarged. It’s important to take full advantage of this transit and focus on forgiveness, love, letting go of the lower ego, and meditating on life after death, if that is something that interests you. Afterall, this life is a preparation for the life we’ll experience after we leave the earth realm.

Jupiter turns direct at 4 degrees of UttaraBhadrapada, which is a lunar mansion of immense depth and profound transformation, inner and outer. It holds an important element of merging with cosmic forces or waters. Merging and embracing the ride of transformation is an important factor here. This is a fantastic perid to connect with the divine in a more deeper sense.

If you have planets in the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) at 4 degrees are close (within a 3 degree orb), then you may be in for some blessings. Also look to see if you have planets in Virgo at 4 degrees or close to it, again within 3 degrees.Beautiful opportunities may come your way,


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